Ohio - My Favorite State Ever

I was born in Ohio, and my parents and most of my grandparents were born in Ohio. I am stuck in Ohio, I hardly ever leave to go to a different state except sometimes Pennsylvania or West Virginia, which I also have history in. All located convienently right next to Ohio. And we only ever go there for Family Reunions of camping trips, some times only once or twice a year. So I have come to call Ohio home.

The weather is decent. It gets cold but doesn't snow usually by December, and then it gets very cold and snowy by January, Frigid by February, starts to warm up a little bit by March, warms up a bit more in April, and then gets regular springish in May, stays springish for June, gets extremely hot in July and August, and by September and October average fall, and occasional snow in November. The weather is a bit extreme. It could be 85 degrees in summer and -15 degrees in winter, but I never really care since I hardly go outside. Except I love to be able to watch it snow or rain, and look at snow sometimes. I am not crippled, just lazy.

The people usually talk smooth and clearly. Well they can talk a bit high and whiny, but only some of them. They just all have unique voices. No Ohio-accent in sight.

Music tastes? In the area I live I see a increase in pop, rap, and rock fans, depending on the person and the age group they are in. The seventy year olds don't jam to Justin Bieber, obviously.

Sports are just eh. We have a few teams here and there. When the Cavaliers won in Summer 2016, that brought Ohio some positive attention. We have Colombus teams, Cleveland teams, teams from more cities and Ohio state teams. Nothing extremely special.

The state has a average edjucation system. Its not like we walk into a public school thinking "I am going to go inside this school and learn enough information to be the most intelligent person alive. Well, it is not like you go into any school saying that, but you get the idea. I go to a school where they reuse the same books for about twenty years, which is very annoying, and almost everything is online, which is cool I guess,

How crowded it is is varied. We have crowded cities, a bit less crowded subarbs. The cities are full of traffic and business and subarbs have schools, chuches, small businesses, and houses, and the county region has a lot of animals and farms, hills, and small businesses. A ridiculous amount of small businesses can be found here. And churches. And houses.

There is really nothing to see here. except a couple of attractions such as:
  • Tower city
  • The Great Lakes
  • The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • The Dawg Pound
  • COSI Columbus
  • Cedar Point
It is not that expensive here. Well, that actually depends on where you are.


Any questions about Ohio = comments. - visitor

Ohio was a crap state because the people there were crazy people who always harrassed Kirk Herbstreit and his children, causing Ohio State's own quarterback to move down to an even better state that I live in, Tennessee. - visitor

Was? It still is. - visitor