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Texas is a state in the USA. It is the second largest by area and population. Its largest city is Houston.


I love Texas because the people are friendly and not snotty and stuck up like the people in California and new york are and it's not a good thing to be the weed capital of the world A.K.A crime capital of the world and you guys don't have the best weather in the world also you guys are not beautiful you guys all have facelifts lip injections plastic surgery etc... Oh and I been to Hollywood and it's not beautiful its trashy with bums all over the place and who wants to have avocados and potatoes instead of steak, chili, potatoes, and much more and best of all every things bigger in TEXAS and one more thing you're not the golden state you guys don't even have any gold left at least are nickname is true the lone star state because we are bigger enough to be are own country!

Wow.. That is one long sentence. Have you ever even been to NY or Cali? By they way you accuse every single resident of these two states to have "plastic surgery" and how we are not "beautiful" suggests that you haven't. And by the way, it's very hypocritical to assume everyone from these states as "snotty". You're from Texas I assume? Well how would you like it if I told you every person down there is a racist, conservative redneck? It's not only not true but it probably would hurt some feelings. As for weather, we can't really control that, now can we?

Just like you should measure twice and cut once in construction, you should read twice and post once online. Doing something as simple as this can keep you from sounding uneducated. You also may find it helpful to read up on ethnocentrism and nationalism, so you don't sound so unappealing and rude, before you next represent your state.

Texas is the Best of the Best, we Texans are the Best looking people to ever populate in America, California does have nice scenery or so I heard but Texas is the shape of a Texan boot and you could take that to the bank any day if you don't believe me, look it up, we also are the most proudest State and we stand up for what we believe in like true Americans... Remember the Alamo?

I've lived in Texas my entire life and would never consider living anywhere else. I've been all over California, NY, Florida and everywhere in between but I still claim Texas as the best state. We might not have the tourist attractions that other states have but so what? When it comes to living in a state, Texas is hands down the best. It has a strong job market, housing and cost of living is always at the top of the list in the United States and it has such a unique landscape when you drive around the state. Don't get me started on the food, that's something I look forward to when I travel. Getting back home to the amazing food. Give me the people, diverse economy, quality of life, food, and over all amazing landscape of Texas any day. Everything truly is bigger and better in the great state of Texas!

Texas is at least 5 states in one! You want to enjoy clear rivers, hills, hippies, weirdos, and scenic nature? Austin and central texas is YOUR texas. You like desolation, scenic deserts, oil wells as far as the eye can see? Settle in west texas. You like good ol southern charm and styles nestled in forrest? Your a east texas texan! Urban sprawl your thing? Texas has many of the largest cities in the US! Beaches, mountains, forests, desert, cities, hills, any terrain you wish. You'll find generally friendly people with a great variety of culture and food. There are good job markets, low taxes...hard to deny that the lone star state offers far more variety and opportunities than any other state.

If you want to have options Texas is the way to go. I've been all over Texas from Houston to El paso from Dallas to Laredo and its just beautiful, definitely a very friendly state and of course Texas has it all rivers, piney woods, the beach, big cities, deserts, hills you name it, we have it and this is a big factor in why Texas is so awesome and if you like culture, food, history laugh out loud and bigger things, well Texas has that too. I wouldn't see myself living anywhere else and I'm so proud to call my self a texan.

Crude people and a sense of country stupidity. A lot of large and modern cities and not an endless series of barns, farms and wooded areas filled with hicks. Generally diverse people and interested appeal yet not that nice or desirable. People can be dishonest, obsessed with a simple life style, and the legal system is nasty and based on white man's authority. Also it still seems to have some racist elements and a confer attitude.

Ah... Texas... By far the best state, not to brag, but, the weather is nicer and definitely more interesting than in other states and that's mostly because of the immense size and diverse biomes of the state. The people are very friendly, friendlier than most. The food is great, for example, I could drive down the street and get some of the best steak you've ever had OR the best Tex-Mex you've ever had. The economy is booming ( and has been for the past thirty years! ). And not to mention the immense state pride, you could fly 100 Texas flags in your yard and no one would bat an eye! That's what I love about this great state. And it deserves to be none less than #1

I love this state so much and I'm so glad I was born and raised here. This state has so much to offer and experience and it has some amazing cities like Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. You can go to the beach, visit forests, swamps, hills, canyons, rivers lakes and planes full of flowers. I've lived here my entire life and never experienced racism from anyone and I've been to many small towns around Texas. This state is a huge melting pot of culture and political thinking which is why I love it so much.

Well your homophobic because your calling Cali and Bew York peeps stuck up when your just bragging about your state and dissing other states. I've lived in Cali my whole life and I love it! At least we're not the trona do capital of the U.S.A! And we don't live in a state filled with a bunch of red necks who won't accept marriage rights. And all the stereo types about Cali and New York aren't true! About 85% of Californian's don't have any work done. And how can u trash talk Cali if u don't live there. By the way u just jealous. No shade to Texas just shade to the person who wrote this

I love Texas because of it's strong and independent. Also because the state is lovely and filled with great culture and great people. The landscape is also unlike anything you will ever see. And not to mention the important and fascinating history. It brings a smile to my face when people talk good about the Great Lone Star State. I'm also happy and proud to call myself a Texan.

Everything is bigger in Texas. Less crime, better food, BIGGER food, more guns (despite the low crime rate... Us Texans behave. We use our guns to punish those who misbehave.), more oil, better businesses, more patriotism, more God (Hence the nickname "Texas: The Buckle of the Bible Belt"), more liberty, more goodness, less liberals (too bad they're invading the capital region of Texas) and LOWER TAXES.

Texas deserves the number 1 spot. We have good food, pretty girls, Conservative people, etc... I'm not saying everyone in Cali or New York are bad but a lot of them are pot heads and unemployed people too. And the other states brag about having beaches but you can go to Galveston, or South Padre Island. Also we are the only state that has the right to raise our flag as high as the American flag because we are awesome. Texas represents true American values like helping our neighbors, etc... We can all be one nation under God together but you have to forget about the liberal powerhouses like New York and Cali.

Texas is a great state. You can go to all kinds of different climate areas and experience several different cultural background within most of the larger cities like Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. Food can be from several cultural backgrounds Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian and several middle Eastern countries. Let's not forget Mexican foods, Yumm!

Texas has Houston which is growing at a fast pace. Austin is a cultural scene. San Antonio carries history and Dallas is iconic. We are a great stat full of different cultures and we look forward to a better future. I'm not here to offend other states after aren't we The United States?

Texas is wonderful. Most of the people know each other, and we have the best food but if you go to California and new York it is like eating a plate of trash Texas food is all original and not imported. There is also lots of family activities like Sea world, six flags, and lots more. People say California is the place to go for family activities but no they just say that because of the "Celebrities".

You can travel the globe, but nothing beats that good old Texan hospitality, and that is just what keeps everyone coming back! Nobody cooks their ribs, steaks, or burgers quite like we do. From our Galveston beaches, to our bustling cities, to our small, friendly towns, Texas is a place you can call home!

Texas is okay... I am from the state of Texas, and there are a lot of racists, anti-Semites, bigots and conservatives, who should also be known as the fascists. But Texas would be a fun place to visit for a few weeks. Nothing more, nothing less. But I also love Texas too. I was born there. Also to the person who posted: You have to be born in Texas to be a Texan. Or live in Texas for life.

So what? You guys are a bunch of redneck conservatives. This state is half desert and half grassland. Way too harsh climate. Racism spreads very easily. You just follow the old ways of living in life. This is the 21st century, get over modernization!

Texas is one of the most diverse places in the world. Houston is the cultural melting pot of America and home of NASA, Austin is the Music Capital, and the state itself can boast a surplus of energy production, food production (at world class quality), manufacturing, and so on and so forth. Whatever your flavor, there is a place in Texas for you.

Texas is my favorite and I've been to almost all states. You can go to the beach One day a desert the other a city another and in the winter sometimes it snows! But normally it stays warmer in the winter then most other states up north (obviously)

Texas sucks and is not deserving of this spot. Humidity, rednecks, nothing to do, etc. I live here, and I can't wait to get out of this hell hole.

Classy people? Like racist people that love to talk down on blacks and Mexicans?

At least we're not a bunch or red mech conservatives who still think it's the 1800s. What if I said everyone in Texas is rascist and won't except basic marriage rights because they're to busy shooting someone with a rifle. No shade to Texas just to the person who wrote this. And to the person who write this, grow up and get over yourself

Texas is the best. I been to a lot of states, and Texas is the only one I enjoy the most. I moved to Texas 3 years ago.

If you are looking for an adventure Texas is the best place (my opinion) and we have a great history (thanks to San Antonio) we are free and happy and we put our pants on one leg at a time so DON'T HATE CAUSE YOU AIN'T FROM Texas just sit back and enjoy the ride sweeties :-)

I live in the Austin area for my whole life, and nothing compares to the beautiful back country, hills, rivers, and varying weather patterns. Although I know that Texas is not the most thought of state, there is no state I'd rather be in.