Most Popular Yogurt Brands

This is a list of the top ten most popular and best yogurt brands just keep in mind this is only through my tasting

The Top Ten

1 Dannon

Dannon has great ideas my personal favorite was the danimals squeezable yogurt the regular and danimals smoothies snd dannon oikos original - DragonJason90

2 Chobani

This brand is very well balanced in taste and texture - DragonJason90

The best one in my opinion. Probably the healthiest too. - WholeGrainNeko

Chobani flips!

3 Dannon Original and Dannon Probiotics

Very good yogurt in simple packaging - DragonJason90

4 Yoplait

Wattpad @kidges

Dude, I seriously expected this to be number one.

5 Stonyfield Farm Yogurt Smoothies

I really like the design and the yogurty watery texture - DragonJason90

6 La Yogurt

Very good texture with the fresh sweet flavor of the latin tropics - DragonJason90

7 Yo Crunch

Whats better than milky goodness with crunchy Eminems or butter finger candy - DragonJason90

8 Breyers Yogurt

Delicious yogurt with natural ingredients they need to focus more on the health of the American people - DragonJason90

9 Dannon Yogurt Smoothies

Blended yogurt goodness to go - DragonJason90

10 Dannon Squeezable Yogurt

Dannon goodness without a spoon - DragonJason90

The Contenders

11 Yomo
12 Granarolo
13 Carb Master
14 Muller Mix
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