Most Popular Young Adult Fiction Novels

The Top Ten Most Popular Young Adult Fiction Novels

1 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone


I totally agree with this. It may seem an underestimated children’s book, but one does realize that we could relate to Harry so much more, even though we may have our parents and we are not treated rotten by our relatives. The whole series is a beautifully written piece of art, passion and a wonderful work of literature that should be treasured Always.
The lessons we learn are that family is not only about the same blood, but a family can furthermore be the ones who are truly loyal to you and care about you. In other words, none other than Hermione Granger herself. In Goblet of Fire, Ron thought Harry lied to him about putting his name in the Goblet of Fire, but because of Hermione’s true loyalty to Harry, she believed him without doubting even once. More over, she helped him every step of the way.
Dumbledore’s Army was also truly loyal and trusting in one another and cared deeply for one another.
Hermione even stated in Philosopher’s Stone that friendship and bravery ...more

2 Percy Jackson and the Olympians

This is undoubtedly the best series ever created. No offense to Harry Potter.

This is undoubtedly the best series ever created. Full offense
to Harry Potter.

3 Hunger Games
4 City of Bones
5 Divergent
6 Throne of Glass
7 Red Queen
8 Legend
9 Twilight
10 The Infernal Devices

The Contenders

11 Matched
12 Looking for Alaska
13 Shatter Me
14 Before I Fall
15 If I Stay
16 The Fault In Our Stars
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