Porcupine Tree's Must-listen Songs

Porcupine Tree is the best Progressive/ Psychedelic Rock band one could ever hear. They have got originality, their own style, and a fabulous vocalist (Steven Wilson). Inspired by Pink Floyd, their songs and their dedication toward the music is respectful. One must listen to the following list of songs (in no particular order).

The Top Ten

1 Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
2 Trains
3 Lazarus

Am I the only one who thinks this song is about a suicide.. beautiful way of expression...

4 The Sound of Muzak

This Song is so diverse and better than everything else in my opinion. - Beatlesboy9

5 Anesthetize

People are so stupid. This song is a masterpiece, not my favorite but I couldn't see it on 14th position so voted it.

Come on guys... I mean thereare some second class songs on this list but you missed a cracker of a masterpiece?! Shame on you!

6 Sentimental
7 Heartattack In a Layby

God... when I heard this song first time I didn't pay attention... Sounded boring.. so what if someone dies of a heart attack in a layby... Been avoiding it ever since... Then one day.. boom.. out of boredom I listened it and wow... wow.. what else can a person say about it? The sadness in the end when you realise the unfinished story.. no second chance to make it up.. no second chance to say sorry... She will never hear how much he loves her... But he just need to lie down a bit... And everything will be OK.. They will grow old together... man how could you write something like this, I am hard stone and iron shaped Serbian and you broke me in pieces!

8 Time Flies
9 Buying New Soul
10 The Start of Something Beautiful

This one is better than "arriving somewhere but not here" from the same album.

The Contenders

11 Don't Hate Me
12 Deadwing
13 Strip the Soul

The blends and transitions in this song flow together and fit perfectly. Stunning bassline, amazing riffs throughout and resplendent chorus. The bridge is wonderful and the acoustic guitar that comes on, and of course, the amazing, headbanging and dark out to that finishes this masterpiece of a song. Best off In Absentia for me!

14 My Ashes

Simply beautiful... And every time I coe to the parts where the keyboards let those amazing tones... My hair goes upwards.. And I want to hear it again.. and again.. and again...

15 Mellotron Scratch
16 The Incident
17 Shesmovedon
18 Prodigal
19 Blackest Eyes
20 A Smart Kid
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