Best Portugal. The Man Songs

The Top Ten

1 Sleep Forever

Best Portugal. The Man song! IT IS SO AMAZING! The lead guitar, the percussion beats, the strings, whats not to love? The lyrics are also great and amazing. Their best song out ot them all!

SO AMAZING - how can you not love this song? great guitar solos, great lyrics, and a song that'll swoon you away

2 Purple Yellow Red and Blue

Such a catchy song

3 So American
4 Feel It Still

Move it up - MattCozadd

5 Modern Jesus

This is just a great song!

6 People Say

Awesome rhythm and vibe

7 The Sun
8 Evil Friends
9 All Your Light (Times Like These)

Best song ever of y favorite band

10 Lay Me Back Down

The Contenders

11 So Young
12 Live in the Moment
13 Sea of Air
14 And I
15 Created
16 Atomic Man

My favorite song by far, It's a shame its still underrated

17 Rich Friends
18 Noise Pollution
19 AKA M80 the Wolf
20 Plastic Soldiers
21 Mornings
22 The Pushers Party
23 When the War Ends
24 Waves
25 The Dead Dog
26 Colors
27 Everyone is Golden
28 1989
29 Shade
30 Smile
31 Mr Lonely
32 Do You
33 Number One
34 The Woods
35 Lovers in Love
36 Floating (Time Isn't Working My Side)
37 Keep On
38 Chicago

Best Portugal. The Man song. Even though it swears, it is still one of their best. Great guitars and percussion. Keep it up P.T.M.!

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