Best Positions to Tie Up and Tickle Your Girlfriend

The best way to tie up AND tickle your girlfriend I'm a girl ticklee so I know what girls like most

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1 Spread Eagle

Perfect to get every one of his/her tickle spots even grab some friends and you can hit all the tickle spots at one time. Blind fold and gag them

Easier to tickle and in recommend to tickle the belly, feet, breast and armpits

YEAH! Once I tickled my girlfriend there she did it to me back... she tickled my tummy, sides, armpits, feet... I laughed so hard!

This hasn't ever happened to me, but if my boyfriend ever did, I'd be dead. Because he knows every single tickle spot I have! (I'm ticklish everywhere except 2 spots! ) Plus, he said I'm the only person in the world that he'd tickle! Help! (But I secretly love it. And he knows that as well.)😂 - TICKLISHPrincess

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2 I Shape

For good reach of sides underarms and feet

3 Y Shape

Good to reach your underarms and arms

4 Hogtied

Good to reach the feet

5 Stood Up and Tied

Good way to tickle the arm pits and sides super good

6 Tied to the Bedposts

Good way to tickle their armpits and feet

7 Upside Down

U can freak them out easily

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