Top 10 Positive Autism Stereotypes

I personally don't have autism but I knew a friend in real life who did. He was a very nice and very gentle person and did not fit any bad autism stereotypes at all. I know autistic people and I'd like to make them feel better by making this list of positive stereotypes about their way of thinking (most of these are more positive traits of people with Asperger's syndrome which is a form of high functioning autism).

The Top Ten

1 Autists Are Very Creative

I'm autistic, and I am a writer. - Cyri

Very true definitely - darthvadern

I'm autistic, and I like to draw and edit multimedia

And this is why I have artblock too much. I use up all of my creative ideas. I'm too creative and I have autism.

2 Autists Are Honest

Well, to be fair, I do my best, yet most people see me as among the most honest individuals they've met. Though I can get rather too direct... - CrimsonShark

Yeah, I’m so honest I often come off as rude. I’m just treating others the way I want to be treated. If someone doesn’t like me, I want them to tell me it and say why. The only times I lie is when someone asks “How are you? ”. I answer good or fine, because they don’t actually care how you are. They other is when I’m upset, if someone asks if I’m ok. I say I’m fine because I just don’t like talking about my feelings.

3 Autists Are Very Intelligent

I agree! There is no such a thing as an autistic person who is stupid

All of these items described me very well and thank you for this list and you are a very good person and atheist. and if you don't know me I'm not a visitor and I'm a real user(I sense you knew)- Kevinsidis

4 Autists Have Good Memories

VERY TRUE. I'm autistic and I remember the following in near perfect detail:

-stuff that happened in high school
-everything that happened during family parties over the years, including the guests, the foods that were served
-plots, scripts, and scenes of certain T.V. episodes
-where we went and what we did during vacations

My relatives were actually pretty impressed with my amazing ability to recall that stuff so well.

That's true, I sometimes even remember the exact day I went to the hospital for example, or what day I went to Cinema. - darthvadern

5 Autists Have Visual Memories

Very true. I'm autistic and I'm more fo a visual learner. I don't usually get things when people just tell them to me. I DO get them, but it's easier for me when they also SHOW it to me.

6 Autists Are Very Good at Reading

I assume reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's (Philosopher's) Stone at the age of six makes me fit the stereotype. - Cyri

Well, I love reading - darthvadern

7 Autists Are Very Original in Their Ideas
8 Autists Are Very Dedicated

Scientists like Albert Einstein,Isaac Newton,and other autistic celebrities farther from the palms of science - Kevinsidis

9 Autists Focus More on Details

I remember seventh grade, where there was a group activity (Hey, my group was friendly for once! ) in Washington State History. We had to identify the usage of artifacts a museum was letting my school look at, and my mind, being more detail-oriented than most, was quite an asset to the group. Not that they weren't of any help, though. - Cyri

I notice details in family photos that were taken.

That's me nowadays - darthvadern

10 Autists Study Facts

Very true I excelled at nonfiction and would rather prefer nonfiction over fiction and that's how I'm a know it all and I love history since in 3rd grade - Kevinsidis

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