Top Ten Possible 2016 U.S. Election Outcomes

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1 Sanders vs Trump (Sanders Victory)

I wish I could see this outcome, but it seems Hillary Clinton is prevailing over him. Oh well, my family was already in favor of her in the first place. Being tough to take criticism and insults from her opponents and knowing how to get the job done fast and NOT being everything that makes Donald Trump the huge jerk he is, I guess I will be cheering for Hillary Clinton. She was the second-best Democrat candidate in my opinion. Too bad all the good Republican candidates dropped out... Then again, I am a liberal. I am ModernSpongeBobSucks and I believe in what I believe in and this is my freedom of speech.

Of all the hate I see on Trump on the internet, I still have zero idea why he's still winning the god damn polls.

Actually, I think the electoral college would be useful since they know more about the candidates than do most citizens (aka Donald Trump supporters who aren't aware of the fact he makes fun of disabled people). So I will be putting my trust in electoral college since they won't be stupid to choose a complete joke who doesn't know judicial review and lacks experience in office.

I'd like to see it, but Clinton has been dominating Sanders lately it's a matter of time before his out.

This is the outcome I honestly want to happen the most!

2 Clinton vs Trump (Trump Victory)

I swear, if I see one more Donald Trump support ad on this website, I am going to have a conversation with the admin about this. This website is too conservatively biased! Also, is the electoral college really going to be dumb enough to choose a complete joke of an American who doesn't know the right thing to say and can't put his dreams for America (wait, scratch that. His dreams for deporting innocent Mexican Americans and Muslims are abominable! ) into good execution over a candidate like Hillary Clinton who actually knows what she's doing and really knows how to get things done all while taking hateful lies and criticisms and still having better ideas than Donald Trump that I can comply with since she as a liberal is decent?

It's the ILLEGAL immigrants he wants to kick out and banning Muslims is a measure to block out potential terrorists.

I hope I can trust the electoral college to make the right choice for America. Because I don't think any delegate would be DUMB enough to choose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. How is a person that will ruin foreign relations for the US and make the damage Republicans wouldn't let Obama undo the damage to worse and probably make a wrong move on ISIS that will result in ISIS coming after us going to be better than an experienced Democrat who is being accused of being a communist? I am a liberal and I will always use logic and reasoning in these kinds of political situations.

If this horrible matchup happens, I'd go for Trump. But please make Cruz win!

Have you guys seen the election outcome, Trump won with 305 electoral votes.

3 Clinton vs Trump (Clinton Victory)

What could be worse than Hillary Clinton "selling us out to the communists"? Donald Trump making America hated by the whole world by ruining foreign relations with all of the U.S' s allies! In other words, what Hillary Clinton might do may be atrocious, but Donald Trump making America already more hated than it already is is even worse. I hope I have made my point. Preserving democracy is important, but preserving our status as a friendly world superpower is just as important.

America isn't a superpower anymore by 2018. Face it. The democrats have done much damage.

I guess I won't be feeling the Bern anymore. ;_; However, me and my family aren't wrong to favor Hillary Clinton. She may be accused of communism and lying, but her toughness on taking in those criticisms and getting things in this country done stand up above Donald Trump's platform and him wanting to build a wall around Mexico and making Mexico pay for it, ALONG WITH HIM MAKING FUN OF DISABLED PEOPLE AND KICKING AN INNOCENT Muslim WOMAN OUT OF HIS RALLIES RECENTLY! Would you really want someone like Donald Trump to be president even though he did that kind of stuff?! So I will be cheering for Hillary Clinton, then.

Better have person who makes fun of people as president than a traitor who will sell out America.

This is probably most likely to happen. Unfortunately I don't particularly like either. At least Clinton is better though. Please don't vote for Trump.

Sorry, but I prefer people who love their country more than traitors who lie to their country. Just like how I prefer a mass murderer whose sole intent is to prevent crime in my country than to have a thief as president pretending to help but isn't doing anything better for the country.

I don't like Trump, but anything's better than Clinton.

4 Sanders vs Cruz (Sanders Victory)

Not likely, Cruz shot himself in the foot big time when he stole the vote from Colorado, and Sanders has no chance of beating Hillary at this point.

Sanders is so overrated.

5 Clinton vs Cruz (Cruz Victory)

Actually, I don't mind Cruz, but unfortunately, he dropped out. Dang, he would have been better than Trump, you know. Even though I am a liberal.

I hope this is the outcome.

"He is the Zodiac killer." - RalphBob


6 Sanders vs Kasich (Sanders Victory)

This is probably an ideal situation (either that, or Clinton vs. Kasich), but it looks like Kasich isn't going to move on.

7 Clinton vs Kasich (Clinton Victory)
8 Sanders vs Cruz (Cruz Victory)
9 Clinton vs Cruz (Clinton Victory)

Sorry, not happening.

10 Sanders vs Kasich (Kasich Victory)

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11 Clinton vs Kasich (Kasich Victory)
12 Sanders vs Trump (Trump Victory)

Hell no! Like that'll ever happen!

Is @bobbythebrony supporting Donald Trump now?