Top 10 Possible Endings for Steven Universe

Steven Bomb 6 is coming in a few days and I'm very happy! But I'm lowkey very sad that it might be ending soon.... I will use my creative membranes to come up with some items but y'all can add your predictions, I really don't care but as long as it's not that GORE like Steven kills himself and I don't know, Amethyst eats Steven... If I catch y'all adding items like my example, imma beat ya butt. Enjoy this list!

The Top Ten

1 The Temple Fusion is revealed

I have recently read a comment on a Steven Universe speculation video and one person said that the temple fusion might be called Obsidian. They have also said Obsidian can be stronger than a diamond which was interesting.

2 Blue and Yellow Diamond get shattered by the temple fusion
3 Steven and Connie develop a noticeable love relationship and become similar to what Garnet's relationship is like

I think Steven and Connie could have a little romantic relationship but as they grow, they really fall for each other and it's very cute and sweet omgkajdjd

4 Topaz leaves homeworld and becomes an ally of the Crystal Gems but not a main member

Ever since the big boulder opened her mouth, she instantly became adorable! Topaz is very similar to Garnet, Garnet fights for her freedom and Topaz is really overwhelmed of the Diamonds making her go on miserable missions like she said.

5 Jasper returns, Steven heals Jasper from corruption and she learns the truth of Pink Diamond

And Jasper's been talking crap about her own diamond, lol oof

6 Peridot fuses with either Lapis, Steven, or Amethyst, her closest friends to help distract the Diamonds
7 Pearl becomes corrupted and nearly gets shattered by Yellow or Blue Diamond because they know Pearl has something to do with Pink being gone
8 Bismuth and Lapis butt heads

Lapis knows Bismuth looks familiar... Lapis questions Bismuth and Lapis becomes a mix of enraged and depressed because she thinks Bismuth is the reason why she was trapped in a mirror for thousands of years, but it could've been a different Bismuth also.

9 Bismuth shatters Blue or Yellow Diamond

She does have weapons designed to shatter any type of gem, POSSIBLY DIAMONDS TOO.

10 Blue and Yellow Diamond now know the truth of Pink Diamond and Steven and they will forcefully take Steven back to homeworld and call him Pink Diamond

But Steven doesn't want to go back to homeworld, Blue laughs and cries at the same time and says "You're just like the old Pink! " and Yellow becomes impatient and says "PINK HURRY THE HELL UP, WE DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL THESE STUPID ASH GEMS ARE DOING ON HOMEWORLD WITHOUT US WATCHING SO HURRY UP! " Steven is frightened by homeworld and he never wants to go back so he tells them off. Yellow is like "Okay, Pink but don't call for us when these crazy human species tries to bite your gem off." but Blue is understanding because "Pink seems to be doing fine on her colony..." then the diamonds leave.

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11 Conservatives come in and kill everyone
12 The Crystal Gems meet White Diamond
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