Top Ten Possible Horror Movie Titles Named After Skillet Songs

Even though they're a Christian Rock band Skillet still have plenty of song titles that could be used as a horror movie title.

The Top Ten

1 Whispers in the Dark
2 Everything Goes Black
3 Circus For a Psycho

My favorite Skillet song - letdot52

4 The Last Night
5 Monster
6 Don't Wake Me
7 Falling Inside the Black
8 Madness in Me

Awesome list. This one gets my vote. - Alpha101

9 Back from the Dead
10 Freakshow

That sounds like a awesome title - Chaotixhero

The Contenders

11 Burn It Down
12 Dead Inside
13 Open Wounds
14 Fingernails
15 Out of Hell
16 Live Free or Let Me Die
17 Not Gonna Die
18 Kill Me, Heal Me
19 Comatose
20 Never Surrender
21 Hey You, I Love Your Soul
22 Awake
23 Awake and Alive
24 Eating Me Away
25 Rebirthing
26 Those Nights
27 Locked In a Cage
28 My Obsession
29 It's Not Me It's You
30 I Want to Live
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