Top Ten Possible Places Flight MH370 Will Turn Up


The Top Ten

1 Avid Merion's Basement

Along with numerous and assorted bound and gagged celebrities... - Britgirl

2 A Justin Bieber Gig
3 Behind Your Sofa

My sincerest apologies to anyone who took offense to this list. My only intention was to make light of a sad situation. I am not a bad person, but maybe a little tactless at times. I hope all of the passengers and pilot of flight MH370 are found safe and well and are reunited with their loved ones. - Britgirl

Will the family members of the affected passengers take the list in the humorous way? I don't think so.

4 A Lady Wearing It As a Novelty Hat at Royal Ascot

This isn't as daft as it sounds... - Britgirl

5 In Your Breakfast Bowl

Haha! Can you imagine? One minute you're eating your cornflakes, you look away, look back and there's a plane in your dish! - Britgirl

This doesn't sound all that crazy to be real - Curti2594

6 In a Classroom

One sec you're studying and BOOM BOOM POww!

God bless all the people in that flight... And you, Britgirl! - HezarioSeth

7 David Cameron's Living Room

Ahh everything is corrupt already so why not?

8 Manchester

They probably want to own something more famous than the football (soccer) club. But the university's pretty good, as long as you can fend for yourself. - PositronWildhawk

9 On the Motorway
10 In a Tree

The Contenders

11 At Beijing Airport Out of Range of All Radars
12 Chuck Norris's Fist
13 Hogwarts
14 On a Travel Agent's Desk
15 Right Behind You...
16 In Britgirl's Office (Blimey!)
17 In PositronWildhawk's Personal Blackhole
18 In Kiteretsunu's Banana Demolisher
19 In Keyson's Owl City Album
20 In MoldySock's Sock
21 In CityGuru's City's Guru's Beard
22 In usa123's USA Flag
23 In usa123's Ed Sheeran Album
24 In Pug's Ball
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