Top ten Most Possible Ratings for Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam


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1 E10+
2 E
3 T
4 EC

Early childhood then kids would rage and cry at hard stuff like whiny little caillous haha. Meanwhile they would be scared of boo scary paper crafts that are big birdo Morton and other characters that little kids can get a little scared of

The educational Mario games are the worst Mario games of all time. They make Hotel Mario look like Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars and many other top-notch, deep, heartfelt Mario games. Let's not have another Mario game with an eC rating. It got the E rating. At the same time as I am fine with the fact that Mario has an unrestricted rating, Mario porn must be official!

5 M

Rated M for Mario.

I thought Mario games are for teens and kids.

Nah they won't rate it M - TheKirbyCreeper999

6 AO
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