Top Ten Possible Terms And/or Names to Call Someone Who Likes Metal Music

The Top Ten

1 Metalhead

I think this should be the universal term, I really don't mind being called this- I enjoy it. - RustyNail

Yeah, I'm a huge metalhead! And this is the term the most people use. - Brobusky

Metalhead. Definitely Metalhead. - Britgirl

Pretty much a given. - Metalhead1997

2 Metalizer
3 Metal Monster
4 Mosher
5 Thrasher
6 Skid
7 Head Banger
8 Metal Man

Should be a nu metal/ rap metal artist named this( parody of method man) - RustyNail

9 Hell Raiser
10 Metal Boy/Girl

Superhero names. - Metalhead1997

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