Top Ten Possible TheTopTens Award Nominations for 2017

A new year, new rising users, new personalities (sort of). These individuals show us that no matter what is on there mind, they put in great amount of effort whether the content is crisp, or a form of flattery they have earned there recognition in 2017. This was based by a panel of experts who also help pitch in there overall thoughts.

The Top Ten

1 Best Male User of the Year (DCfnaf, therandom, Metal_Treasure, and christangrant)

DCfnaf - Once more DC has been very sensational in about every aspect earning top notch, and probably to no one's surprise overwhelmed me by how much the community really is incredibly up and arms for the 2nd year standout.

therandom - The heavily popular therandom was definitely at it again in 2017, HvV saga at its 4th season while coming to an abrupt end due to other matters it quite simply what the community was digging as well as a shocking bond breakup.

Metal_Tresure - One of the more high contributors of the site, and one who may catch me later down the road. MT definitely is well received by his knowledge of the metal genre, and even rock. He even some of the most genius, and yet bizarre list ideas I have ever seen this year that end up amazing getting the thumbs up I mean wow.

christangrant - I'd say CG has had a very interesting 2017 from getting some hate early on the year for strange reasons to eventually being bygones. Sure he had been apart of the ...more - htoutlaws2012

2 Best User Of The Year (DCfnaf, htoutlaws2012, WonkeyDude, and ProPanda)

DCfnaf - Quite the emergence in year 2 DC definitely made a big impact in 2017, he like many others goes by the motto quality over quantity. That simply go him over based on his many great remixes, and blog posts are very well received. Generally popular enough to win over many in the community.

htoutlaws2012 - While he (myself) might not of been as hardworking as he had been the previous year, I am still relatively honored with pride. Still contributing actively, outlaws (me) may have been strange at times, but one thing he has done that he has not done the last 2 years is care about others in the community whether it was something threatening over current events, or even personal issues he tries to result them the best way to make them feel better. Not does he care about his content, but cares about his fans.

WonkeyDude - Wonkey who had already established himself last year made a bigger case in 2017 having a bigger crowd roar for more of his Billboard posts, Album ...more - htoutlaws2012

Definitely ProPanda. He is such a nice user with amazing and good quality posts.

3 Best Returning User of the Year (Therandom, BoredJeff02, egnomac, Frodomar49)

Therandom - While he was expected to come back sooner than later the community erupted with cheers when seeing him appear once more, and do what he finished (kinda).

BoredJeff02 - Serving quite a lengthy suspension when BoredJeff had came back, and looked better than ever, making top notch list, and taking criticism much better than early in the year needless to say he has shown the capabilities to pull a 180, and keep it going the right way.

egnomac - Ladies and gentleman who ever would of predicted in 2017 Egnomac would return full time? I never would have not only that, but came back kinda in the same way as he left making lists, and also come back to prove he can be the user that he once was when he started out.

Frodomar49 - Frodomar whom was one of the notorious trolls of all time came back in reformation to prove that he can be very resourceful. While many of his works is mostly of either one item remixes, and or one or two comments which back then I was ...more - htoutlaws2012

4 Best Newcomer Of The Year (PeeledBanana, Randomator, ToadF1, and JPK )

PeeledBanana - Of the majority of newbies there are maybe 5 of existence many know right off the bat, and why is that? Those individuals contribute immediately to get that audience one of those being PeeledBanana. He has a bit of ways to go, but already established himself as one of the new users leading Gen 18.

Randomator - Oh yes my good football side by side man getting some love excellent, but aside from that he does seem like a promising newbie. He is on the right track of having a good idea of what is best to know, and do next especially when one of his biggest accomplishment is working collaborations with htoutlaws is quite the cornerstone to be in.

ToadF1 - TF1 is somebody who is trying to seek your attention in anyway he can, and it works to a certain degree, but nevertheless enough to gain enough fan fair. Like many users he likes Nintendo, and diehard to put it specifically Mario being the obvious guilty party of that, and majority of the content is just ...more - htoutlaws2012

5 Best Female User of the year (TwilightKitsune, Element119, Britgirl, and SplashMoun10)

TwilightKitsune - TK who already was well over with many of community definitely was a little more of the same in terms of content, but one very touching moment in the year came from her Autobiography which dear me did that give me sorrow that day probably one of the best stories yet I have read that was very real.

Element119 - While she is not that high of a contributor Element has definitely left an impression, from historic rivalry with the one named Jack, and also exposing trolls in humorous ways made her become well over with the community. In fact you could say kinda a messenger in news bulletins in a way.

Britgirl - Iconic to say the least if I haven't given the dubbed nickname then perhaps making lists of many different sound genres, and or of different isn't enough to ignore then well neither is being #2 of the best of the best, but I digress. While never making blog posts, actually that happened once, but for some reason deleted the book series that looked ...more - htoutlaws2012

6 Most Underrated User of the year (NuMetalManiak, Cjwriter1997, CrimsonShark, and PhillySports)

NuMetalManiak - Arguably one of the top 3 most prolific blog poster today behind Wonkey, and htoutlaws. He even came up with inspecting lists on thetoptens by going exactly every single item imaginable from relevant to irreverent has to be one of the best ideas ever produced, between that, and his now once and a while RPG reviews he is definitely a hard worker that seems to get ignored by the majority.

Cjwriter1997 - His a guy who likes to pick the right time to seek well thought ideas in his blog post one being Tales from elite city, many of his single post seem to get ignored most of them, but his somebody I can see step his game up down the road.

CrimsonShark - When it comes to what most people like in a genre it is mostly a metal crowd, but what makes CrimsonShark unique is his way of supporting in the likes of disease that ends lives of many. While I had not known much about the Childhood awareness that had already a few months ago reading his post made me sorrow ...more - htoutlaws2012

To be fair, XM98 is actually a pretty big contender - xandermartin98

7 Best List of 2017 (Top 10 Worst Rides at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando, Top 10 Favorite Songs of TheTopTens Users, Reasons Why People Should Stop Whining Over Comparison Lists, and Top Ten Reasons Why The Emoji Movie is the Best Movie of

These bottom two categories were hand picked by me in which I surveyed what people thought were the most inventive list in 2017. - htoutlaws2012

Thanks - LarrytheFairy

8 Best User Who Retired in 2017 (SwagFlicks, EpicJake, NikBrusk, and TheEvilNuggetCookie)

SwagFlicks - Retired early in 2017 SwagFlicks was already on the rise to not only come back in a big way, but also his way of doing things was very similar of Panda, and Wonkey to a certain extent. While Rap is not my type of genre I must say he bring up great points that's not entirely bad as I once though it was.

EpicJake - EpicJake is one that's definitely not afraid to say what's on his mind, in his 2 years he was a little all over the place in terms of being a contributor, and also trying to fit in with the crowd, eventually he went in a different direction and started being his own self, and that resulted in him eventually giving up on the site, and losing interest in it entirely giving us a memorable goodbye elimination post as that trend of these posts died down afterwards.

NikBrusk - NB is one dude that was loyal to the metal genre, and its people on the site in this case many of his close community members were very devastated in the off-kilter that happened ...more - htoutlaws2012

9 Best Critic of the year (DCfanf, Wonkeydude98, MegaSoulHero, and htoutlaws2012 )

DCfnaf - Unlike other film critics on the site he not only gives his personal score, but also show comparisons to others such as rotten Tomatoes, and the general audience how they react to the film.

Wonkeydude98 - Grades like no other has before, and even so breaks it down into Ranked! which is very unique way of doing so, while the album reviews are mainly scores shown from the beginning then justifying the reason all the way up to its end.

MegaSoulHero - Formations of Mega rants which may spoil parts of the show nor film, the casual movie reviews without the anger fuel, and general impressions.

htoutlaws2012 - oftenly known by the angry outlaw persona, htoutlaws definitely goes balls out having to go all out over whatever it is the case to go to lengths into putting in this one massive rant hatred. Another persona he goes by a gaming reviewer in which looks at games that are either highly rare, or were overshadowed in parts. - htoutlaws2012

10 Best Blog Post Series of the year (Heroes Vs Villains Season 4, Admin's Third Vacation, TheTopTens Got Talent, and TopTenners in Tribal Island)

The Contenders

11 Creepiest and Grossest Lists Of The Year (Top 10 Brain-Fetish Scenes In Undertale Fanfiction, Sexiest Parts Of Um Jammer Lammy's Body)
12 Best Kid user (Boygenius234, Jay12)
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