Top 10 Post-Beatles George Harrison Songs

The Top Ten

1 My Sweet Lord

Beautiful and a fantastic song.

Very lovable catchy tune.

Sort've sucks his best post beatles song was acidently stolen from another song It is a beautiful song and it has to be voted number 1 there are only so mny notes

2 What Is Life

Such an upbeat and charismatic rocker. Better than My Sweet Lord by a mile.

3 Wah-Wah

Best beat and so much fun

My absolute favorite! 1

This song sends me singing out and dancing, uncontrollably. such an amazing, upbeat and rhythmic song. Love it!

Number 1!

4 Art of Dying Art of Dying

Amazing song. I love the drums, bass and guitar too - sounds transcendental

5 All Things Must Pass
6 All Those Years Ago
7 Beware of Darkness

"Watch out now,
Take care,
Beware of greedy leaders,
Who take you where you should not go".
Wise words that still resonate today.

8 Isn't It a Pity
9 Don't Let Me Wait Too Long

A fabulous song that is the highlight of the Living in the Material World Album.

10 Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)

Can I just vote for all of them? <3 <3 <# - marmalade_skies

The Contenders

11 Any Road
12 Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp
13 Life Itself
14 Looking for My Life
15 Stuck Inside a Cloud

His talent was undiminished as he approached the end of his life.

16 Run of the Mill

Buried on All Things Must Pass this is a beautiful little song. A philosophical litle gem delivered in under 3 minutes. Truly a lost classic.

17 Got My Mind Set On You

#1 will remain My Sweet Lord, and rightfully so, but I was expecting this to be higher. - PositronWildhawk

I love it
u can see the Travelling Wilbury influence

18 Blow Away
19 Crackerbox Palace
20 Dark Horse
21 When We Was Fab
22 P2 Vatican Blues

It's a song of his that really grew on me

23 Let It Down


24 Awaiting on You All
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