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1 Knives and Pens - Black Veil Brides

Yes! This song is great. I do hope they put perfect weapon as one of the top five though...

This song is legendary, but Perfect Weapon is better to be honest.

Helped me through a lot.. I just love the band a lot!

2 Tears Don't Fall - Bullet for My Valentine V 1 Comment
3 Situations - Escape the Fate

Awesome riffs, great vocals. Escape the Fate is an all around great band!

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4 I'm Made of Wax, Larry, What are You Made Of? - A Day to Remember

BEST SONG EVER. This has been my favorite song for months and no matter how many times I play it it never era old NEVER

This song is just fantastic, everything about it, deserves to be #1

This song is seriously amazing. Easily deserves the no. 1 spot!

Where's Downfall of us all on this list?

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5 Not the American Average - Asking Alexandria

My favorite song, they can use three voices in the same song and make it sound great!

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6 We Stitch These Wounds - Black Veil Brides
7 Second & Sebring - Of Mice & Men

This song is really inspiring and austins screams are amazing. Shays voice to

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8 Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad - Bless the Fall

I love the riff intro.

9 Ungrateful - Escape the Fate

This song, is very meaningful. You don't see every band making a song about Bulling. And this song helps when I get bullied

10 Immortal Love - Vampires Everywhere!

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11 Suicide Season - Bring Me the Horizon

One of the most gut wrenching songs to listen to, absolutely beautiful.

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12 Fumbles O'Brian - Attack Attack!
13 God Wears Gucci - Blessthefall
14 Things That Rhyme With Orange - I Set My Friends On Fire
15 The War Inside - We Came as Romans

Seriously? I'm about to rattle off like 20 or so songs FAR better than ANYTHING in this current mockery of a list. Starting with Chelsea Smile right above.

16 Let Live - Of Mice & Men
17 This War Is Ours - Escape the Fate

The guillotine songs are the three best post-hardcore songs in the entire world by the best band in the world.

This is the best song by this band and the best song from this style at all as well.

18 In Waves - Trivium
19 Captain Blood - Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
20 The Final Episode - Asking Alexandria
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1. Situations - Escape the Fate
2. Knives and Pens - Black Veil Brides
3. Tears Don't Fall - Bullet for My Valentine
1. Knives and Pens - Black Veil Brides
2. We Stitch These Wounds - Black Veil Brides
3. Fumbles O'Brian - Attack Attack!



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