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61 Honour Crest
62 Woe, is Me

Great screams and great clean vocals. What else can you ask for? They're a great band and they make amazing lyrics.

They should be number one, great vocals awesome growls, screams etc they deserve to be up there with the best like asking Alexandria and A day to remember.

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63 Fugazi

They pretty much set the tone for all modern posthardcore, great songwriting and unlike every other band on this list don't use the same generic formula - ohnoitsyou

64 Capture the Crown

I personally love Capture the Crown! They grew to fame so quickly after just posting a magnificent music video on YouTube! This song titled "You Call That A Knife? This Is A Knife! " is my second favorite song and I have played it roughly over 1300 times! This band deserves a higher placing on this list, in my opinion, because they are very talented artists, have a very good outlook on life, (which seems irrelevant to music, but its not. Without a positive outlook, you fall into the negative and end up failing yourself). They are also very inspired people from my perspective.

I told you to live your own life. - Capture the Crown

65 Hawthorne Heights

Very underrated band, I love their unique harmonic echoes in their song
Very original (listen to "wake up call" if you don't know what I'm talking about)

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66 Modern Day Escape

Listen to Maybe "Holding Hands wasn't Such A Good Idea" on "House Of Rats" and then you will see why they should be number 1 they are an amazing and very underrated band. - Fabio-Fabulous-of-swag-town

67 I Set My Friends on Fire I Set My Friends on Fire I Set My Friends on Fire is a post-hardcore group from Miami, Florida. The band was formed in 2007 by Matt Mehana and former member Nabil Moo.

You Can't Spell Slaughter Without Laughter is one of the best Scream-o albums probably ever, it's hard and they do a cook cover of Solja boy's hit "crank that"

68 This or the Apocalypse
69 Hands Like Houses

Trenton Woodley has the most beautiful voice ever

Should be in top 15 at least. wonderful musical style and as I type this I am listening to their new song "drift". Also escape the fate is TERRIBLE!

70 Famous Last Words

Great post-hardcore band from America, great harsh and clean vocals. If you're looking for a song to start listening to them, I would suggest either "The Show Must Go On" or "To Play Hide And Seek With Destiny"

I normally don't listen to Post-Hardcore, but famous last words is really good, their vocalist is great, and overall their music and texts are just very good!

Famous Last Words, I bow down for you ( BOW DOWN! )

This is one of the best bands and their lyrics actually have meaning they are making concept albums and they are amazing

Amazing music, my most favorite band. - LillyMunster

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71 Kingdom of Giants

These guys are awesome and most people have never heard of them (sadly)

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72 My City, My Secret

I love their sound

73 Snow White's Poison Bite
74 36 Crazyfists
75 Breathe Carolina Breathe Carolina Breathe Carolina is an American electro pop group currently consisting of David Schmitt (vocals, keyboard), Eric Armenta (percussion) and Tommy Coops (guitar, keyboard) that formed in 2007. more.
76 Saosin

Is the best my favorite..


77 Starkill
78 Crossfaith

65!? Rly!? Best band ever, essentially an upgraded enter shikari

79 Eskimo Callboy
80 Atreyu

They need to be higher. I think they're pretty good.

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