Top Ten Best Post-Hardcore Metalcore Vocalists


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21 Jake Luhrs
22 Aaron Gillespie

He can sing and play the drums.

23 Howard Jones

He can scream, and sing like a machine

24 Tilian Pearson

Tilian is amazing. Everything from his days in Tides Of Man to his charm opposite Jonathan Mess in Dance Gavin Dance. Even his solo album is beautiful. My second favorite vocalist behind another DGD alum, Kurt Travis.

25 Mike Hranica

His scream was so awesome

26 Sam Carter

This guy for #1, simply incredible vocalist. Check out the distant blue

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27 Onadio Leonardo
28 Chris Cerulli

All you have to do is listen to Black Damask or Scissorhands. His singing speaks for itself.

29 Micah Kinard
30 Shawn Milke

Very few people I've heard have as good a voice as he does

31 Christian Johansen (Metalhead 7323)

One of my favorite vocalist!

32 Jason Butler

Ladies and gentleman if you ever heard about this man, you are so poor. Let's listen to his band's call letlive.

33 Ichall Patiwara
34 JT Tollas
35 Levi Benton (Miss May I)

I agree, he needs to be higher for sure! Miss May I is one of my favorite bands. His vocals compliment every new style the band tries on each album. If you haven't heard of them, I would recommend you check them out. Sample a song from each album. They have different styles:) all are good:) haha

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36 Ricky Meinanda
37 Telle Smith

Why isn't he here?

38 Daryl Palumbo V 1 Comment
39 Phil Bozeman

Why not on the list?
Compared to the other Metalcore vocalist Phil Bozeman, Whitechapel frontman is super..
The other were lame...

40 Denis Stoff
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