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These are the best post hardcore songs of all time.

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1 King for a Day - Pierce the Veil

This is an amazing song. Not a lot of people I know are into it, but anyone with a liking to post hardcore will adore King for a Day. It was my first ever post hardcore song, and it made me grasp my liking to it. Love it. I believe that this definitely should be in the top three though.

The most musical and talented Post Hardcore band I have every heard. They knocked it out of the park on this song. I have been looking for a long time, and I cannot find a band that I like more at all. Pierce the Veil all the way.

Kellin quinn and vic robbing a bank in the music video. Brilliant.

Post-hardcore is NOT metalcore! That’s what people need to realize. So PtV is the only logical way to vote here... - Mixer

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2 The Final Episode (Let's Change the Channel) - Asking Alexandria

Are you kidding me?! This song is amazing! Asking Alexandria is fantastic band! This song, along with may other songs from them, should be at the top!

Great song, but I never got into the band, apart from A prophecy and Not the American average

I'm a huge AA fan and this is one of my favorite songs from then but I dint think it's a number one it should at least be in top 5 though.

Not too good for me though. Just my opinion

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3 You Wear a Crown but You're No King - Blessthefall

For sure this is the best band in the world and it certainly deserves all the prizes in the world. They always surprise and never disappoint, I'm proud to have you as a favorite band

Love this song and bless the fall but I don't think this is post hardcore like most of their songs I thought it was metalcore..

Lol is the best sound forever, blessthefall is amazing!

This song by far is the best song out of this list it should be number 1

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4 The Artist In the Ambulance - Thrice

It's a shame that Thrice doesn't get as much recognition as they deserve. They are one of the most versatile bands in terms of style and yet they remain consistent in quality. - irongalaxy14

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5 Bulls In the Bronx - Pierce the Veil

First song that got me into this whole genre. I praise Pierce The Veil.

6 Hospital for Souls - Bring Me the Horizon

This song is incredibly powerful and has such a strong message. This piece of music speaks to you and asks you how you feel about the situation in your life. Bein realistic, sometimes we all feel like we should be in a hospital for souls, we feel like we are slowly burning. This song will take your breath away.

7 F**k - Bring Me the Horizon

This song is awesome but sleepwalking is best

Best song on this list

This soing is deathcore it have nothing to do here

It is a perf song!

8 The Guillotine - Escape the Fate

Amazing song, amazing band

To be honest I think the guillotine 2 is better but if this is considering all 3 I couldn't agree more. Screams are ok but lyrics and guitar and absolutely orgasmic.

Like a running in circle, but this song is very different.. forza mabbit yeah

This is a good song by ronnie radke and Etf

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9 The Downfall of Us All - A Day to Remember

Best song ever

10 If You Can't Hang - Sleeping With Sirens

Can't have them in the top 10 best post hardcore bands without one of their best songs in the top 10.

The first post hardcore song I heard, instantly loved it.

Is a fantastic song, I like it a lot


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11 My Apocalypse - Escape the Fate

Dudes! I'm new to this song and it's 2016 so I know I'm late to the party but it is the best ever!

Epic screaming and melodic guitars part! Just one of my favorite song ever!

I love this song, remember me and film of terror.

One of the best guitar solo of this generation (Y)

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12 This War is Ours - Escape the Fate

Amazing. All the Guillotine songs by the best band in the world are the top 3 for me.

Amazing song. The screams, the guitar riffs, the drumming. Absolutely awesome.

Best in my opinion, I've loved this song for a long time

13 Seven Years - Saosin

This song is part of one of the greatest post hardcore EP's ever, Saosin are amazing.

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14 Annabel - Alesana
15 Jonathan - Ice Nine Kills
16 Sex Life - Destroy Rebuild Until Shows
17 The Sky Under the Sea - Pierce the Veil

This is an amazing song. Some people nay not agree with me. Although the lyrics are consuming

What a song, that band is just amazing

The best song ever

18 Immaculate Misconceptions - Motionless in White

This song explains so much. If you listen to the lyrics, you can probably relate to them. Motionless in white rocks!

Uh this is more metalcore than post hardcore.

Amazing Song and Message! Definitely their best song! Highly Recomended!

The lyrics are amazing. definitely one of my favourite songs out at the moment.

19 What's Left of Me - Blessthefall


I just love this song. Also blessthefall is amazing. Best band and best song.

ONE of the best

20 The Thespian - Alesana

This song gives me chills but I absolutely adore it!

bad ass


Really Really Really great song and I don't know a person alive who doesn't love it. I have friends and family who aren't into metal in the slightest that love this post hardcore gem!

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