Best Post-Sequel SpongeBob Episodes


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1 Mimic Madness Mimic Madness

It isn't my favorite SpongeBob episode, but I admit that it's pretty good. - IcetailofWishClan

Feels like an old episode of SpongeBob. I really had fun with this one. - truespongebobfan

This is not only the best post sequel episode, THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST SPONGEBOB EPISODES OF ALL TIME

This episode has all the reasons why Modern Spongebob is imporoving

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2 Burst Your Bubble Burst Your Bubble

Great episode. It was so entertaining.

This episode is actually pretty gokd - Worksponge

S3+S2+S1+Best of S4 - JosiahDBoss

Awesome Episode Incredibly Entertaining And Shows The Season Is Getting Better [Not That This Season Was Bad].

3 Lost In Bikini Bottom Lost In Bikini Bottom

I haven't seen any of these. Damn I need to get back to it - bobbythebrony

4 Tutor Sauce Tutor Sauce

Mr krabs is actually being nice in this episode all he wants is to teach spongebob to drive and he does despite all the damage and money he knows its gonna cost him

I love this episode... One of my favorites of the series - Worksponge

5 Lame and Fortune Lame and Fortune

Similar to a lot of other Nick shows but great - Worksponge

6 Patrick! The Game Patrick! The Game

My favorite season episode 9 is this one. It told a great story and Had a great premise!

Different, this may be one of my favorite episodes ever - Worksponge

This episode is my favorite Post Sequel Episode

7 Squid Plus One Squid Plus One V 1 Comment
8 Snail Mail Snail Mail

Good episode. Nice action...that's it - Worksponge

Reminds me a bit of season 1 (my favorite season).

9 Company Picnic Company Picnic V 1 Comment
10 Pull Up A Barrel Pull Up A Barrel

Great story, comedy and everything but one thing iss and the Squirrel isn't wearing her helmet..😯 - Worksponge

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? One Coarse Meal One Coarse Meal

First of all this is a post movie episode not a post sequel episode
Second this one of The worst spongebob episodes ever made

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11 SpongeBob's Place SpongeBob's Place

This one is funny

12 Mermaid Pants Mermaid Pants V 1 Comment
13 Sanctuary! Sanctuary!

Different...good. Weird though - Worksponge

14 What's Eating Patrick? What's Eating Patrick?

Very nice episode! Who could not like the story! - Worksponge

Man how is this not being voted for?

Too low in my opinion

The 3rd best Spongebob episode OF ALL TIME

15 Food Con Castaways Food Con Castaways

OK...those Squidward and the Flying Snail scenes were funny though. Way different from club spongebob - Worksponge

16 Pineapple Invasion Pineapple Invasion

This one should be #1 because its got a clever plot and it is a high-larious episode - cadespencer

Like a mix of a S3+S7 episode and you get this.. - Worksponge

17 Plankton Retires Plankton Retires
18 The Executive Treatment The Executive Treatment V 1 Comment
19 The Sewers of Bikini Bottom The Sewers of Bikini Bottom

S2+S3 and get this masterpiece. Everything is perfect in this episode. - Worksponge

20 The Tooth, The Whole Tooth, and Nothing but The Tooth The Tooth, The Whole Tooth, and Nothing but The Tooth

Squidward totally deserved what happened to him at the end this episode feels like a season 4 one - cadespencer

It's called The Whole Tooth - Tyler730

OK Suds and all... - Worksponge

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