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1 Mimic Madness Mimic Madness

The sad irony is that there's one person who still thinks SpongeBob hasn't improved, and it isn't the person with Modern SpongeBob sucks as his username. Of course, I do agree SpongeBob and other long-runners can't last forever, but for the mean time, while some episodes don't meet the golden Pre-Movie seasons, they're at least a significant improvement over the Post-Movie seasons and some episodes are even good in their own merit. Sure, there's a few stinkers here and there, but thankfully NOT as much as the Post-Movie seasons. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Feels like an old episode of SpongeBob. I really had fun with this one. - truespongebobfan

Not a fan of Mr. Enter, but man. I actually agree that this was a great episode! I really loved the song SpongeBob sang at the climax and the ending had me chuckling quite a bit. Mimic Madness totally deserves the top spot on this list. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The song was my favorite part

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2 Burst Your Bubble Burst Your Bubble

This time around, it's not SpongeBob getting behind the wheel, but Mrs. Puff getting behind the bubble. Love it! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Great episode. It was so entertaining.

This episode is actually pretty gokd - Worksponge

S3+S2+S1+Best of S4 - JosiahDBoss

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3 Bulletin Board Bulletin Board

I could see this episode rivaling "Skill Crane." This could easily fit in S2-4. - Worksponge

My favorite post-sequel episode. There’s so much pre-movie like humor here. - Tyler730

4 Lame and Fortune Lame and Fortune

Similar to a lot of other Nick shows but great - Worksponge

5 Mermaid Pants Mermaid Pants

Never thought I'd see the day where Squidward could actually pull off playing a villain role so well and getting so attached it too! Got to thank Mr. Krabs for making this episode's plot possible with his love for comic books. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

They actually did an entire episode about cosplaying... and it was glorious!

Best superhero episode since VI: the Motion Picture.

RIP Ernest Borgnine, voice of Mermaid Man
And SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy please turn on messaging - 445956

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6 Tutor Sauce Tutor Sauce

Mr krabs is actually being nice in this episode all he wants is to teach spongebob to drive and he does despite all the damage and money he knows its gonna cost him

I love this episode... One of my favorites of the series - Worksponge

7 Patrick! The Game Patrick! The Game

My favorite season episode 9 is this one. It told a great story and Had a great premise!

I'm sorry, but this episode legally never should've exist. This is the have-to-hate, just because, post-sequel SpongeBob episode. Another Patrick's a prick/Squidward Torture Porn. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

I feel HORRIBLE for Squidward. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

Different, this may be one of my favorite episodes ever - Worksponge

This episode is my favorite Post Sequel Episode

8 Factory Fresh Factory Fresh

It's now called Goodbye Krabby Patty? Still good though - Tyler730

Overall good episode.

9 The Sewers of Bikini Bottom The Sewers of Bikini Bottom

S2+S3 and get this masterpiece. Everything is perfect in this episode. - Worksponge

10 Snail Mail Snail Mail

Reminds me a bit of season 1 (my favorite season).

Good episode. Nice action...that's it - Worksponge

Abysmal action. Reminds me of season 6 - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

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11 Unreal Estate Unreal Estate

Who lives in a hot pepper under a chicken Parmesan hero under a banana under a hot pepper in a chicken Parmesan hero in a banana? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Worst lyrics to a SpongeBob theme song EVER. Sorry, but SpongeBob is NOT ever improving. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

I myself and others could easily see this in Seasons 1-3... - Worksponge

12 Squid Noir Squid Noir

This episode feels very Pre-Movie in a way...I love the jokes, visual gags, and story. It is completely a good episode. That Bubble Bass vs. SpongeBob scene is ICONIC though! - Worksponge

The voice actor for Squidward said in an interview that this episode, along with Band Geeks and Dying For Pie, was one of his favourites.

13 Feral Friends Feral Friends

Absolutely amazing episode. Felt VERY Season 2 to me. - Tyler730

14 Sold! Sold!

My one problem with this episode is the ending. I just found it pointless.

15 SpongeBob's Place SpongeBob's Place

This one is funny

16 Lost In Bikini Bottom Lost In Bikini Bottom

I haven't seen any of these. Damn I need to get back to it - bobbythebrony

17 Pineapple Invasion Pineapple Invasion

This one should be #1 because its got a clever plot and it is a high-larious episode - cadespencer

Like a mix of a S3+S7 episode and you get this.. - Worksponge

18 Food Con Castaways Food Con Castaways

OK...those Squidward and the Flying Snail scenes were funny though. Way different from club spongebob - Worksponge

19 Plankton Retires Plankton Retires
20 Teacher's Pest Teacher's Pest

Well, I'm just glad Mrs. Puff didn't go to jail or suffer a horrible fate in this episode... Also, the ending really got me by surprise the first time I watched it. No joke. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

21 Sharks vs. Pods Sharks vs. Pods

Hey, hey, hey, yo! This episode is dope! Our bad boy SpongeBob really knows how to break down some moves at the showdown! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Different from SpongeBob and funny - Worksponge

22 Spot Returns Spot Returns

THIS is how you do a sequel episode. Toodles 💕 - Worksponge

23 What's Eating Patrick? What's Eating Patrick?

This is, for a literal fact, the last good SpongeBob episode ever produced. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

Very nice episode! Who could not like the story! - Worksponge

Man how is this not being voted for?

The 3rd best Spongebob episode OF ALL TIME

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24 The Whole Tooth The Whole Tooth

The image showing Squidward's jaw dropping exactly describes my reaction to the plot twist of this episode in a good way. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Squidward totally deserved what happened to him at the end this episode feels like a season 4 one - cadespencer

It's called The Whole Tooth - Tyler730

OK Suds and all... - Worksponge

25 Spin the Bottle Spin the Bottle

Extremely underrated. Deserves more praise. - Tyler730

This one is Highlarious

"Al-Alakazoom! Your swish is my com-my com- My wishy wishy wishy wish fish! " - ModernSpongeBobSucks

26 Squid Plus One Squid Plus One

It was so nice to see Squidward happy it made me happy.

S6+S1 and you get this - Worksponge

27 Krusty Katering Krusty Katering
28 Pull Up A Barrel Pull Up A Barrel

Great story, comedy and everything but one thing iss and the Squirrel isn't wearing her helmet..😯 - Worksponge

29 Plankton Gets the Boot Plankton Gets the Boot
30 Trident Trouble Trident Trouble

Good episode - Worksponge

31 Company Picnic Company Picnic

Read TET - Worksponge

32 CopyBob DittoPants CopyBob DittoPants

"Life is but a walking shadow." - Patrick Star - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I didn't even like S4

S3-S4 type of episode - Worksponge

33 Sanctuary! Sanctuary!

Different...good. Weird though - Worksponge

34 The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom

Dude, this NEEDS more votes. Probably the best stop-motion special since It's a SpongeBob Christmas!. Check out my review on why I like this episode. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Best Halloween Episode since Scaredy Pants

35 Out of the Picture Out of the Picture

This episode is way to overhated. I like it - Tyler730

I love this episode. Rock Bottom gets a return, but the only thing is, how Mr. Krabs acted. He was the only bad thing that happened in the episode. But, he gets his payback so I'm good! The overall atmosphere is awesome! - Worksponge

36 Married to Money Married to Money

Sea Bears are back! Great reference to The Camping Episode - Tyler730

37 The Incredible Shrinking Sponge The Incredible Shrinking Sponge
38 Man Ray Returns Man Ray Returns
39 Pat the Horse Pat the Horse

Honestly this episode was BAD! There’s no humor. It’s just Patrick pretends to be a horse and nothing else. The race was okay, but it doesn’t save this episode. Season 11 may be good but this is a massive dud. I respect your opinion if you enjoyed it. - Tyler730

40 The Executive Treatment The Executive Treatment

I don't know like... - Worksponge

41 SpongeBob LongPants SpongeBob LongPants

You know, one thing I liked about this episode was near the end when Mr. Krabs helped SpongeBob take off his pants and cheer him up before going back to the movie theater. In other words, Mr. Krabs was a fatherly figure to SpongeBob in a vein similar to his Pre-Movie counterpart. Other than that, I liked the episode overall. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

S5 type episode and it is really good...different - Worksponge

42 Larry's Gym Larry's Gym

Nice to see Larry getting his own episodes once in a while. And this is a good one as well. And I loved that karmic ending where Krabs's running gag of using Larry's Gym for free results in him getting steamed into a cooked crab dish. How's about I rub butter on Krabs now...(wait, that sounded more dirty than I expected)? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Wrong one ^" anyways SB is cool when he's strong... - Worksponge

43 Sandy's Nutmare Sandy's Nutmare

Great humor and comedy but weak premise - Worksponge

44 Life Insurance Life Insurance


45 Code Yellow Code Yellow
46 The Check-Up The Check-Up
47 Stuck on the Roof Stuck on the Roof

Didn't he get over fear of heights after riding the Fiery Fist O-Pain with Patrick?
This either took place before that episode, or he's just being a big baby.

Dumb episode, Spongebob is scared of heights and the roof isn’t even that high up. What a baby.

48 There's a Sponge in My Soup There's a Sponge in My Soup
49 High Sea Diving

This episode scrapped the plot half way though the episode. Though it's better than shuffleboarding

50 The Fish Bowl The Fish Bowl

This one gets a lot of hate but I found it decent. - Tyler730

I like the premise..this episode can be compared to how producers make people fight when put together on reality shows...ili - Worksponge

51 Mall Girl Pearl Mall Girl Pearl
52 Two Thumbs Down Two Thumbs Down

Weird story but great comedy - Worksponge

53 Salsa Imbecilicus Salsa Imbecilicus

Great to see Sandy and Karen work together - Worksponge

Karen: You're a squirrel, what do you eat?
Sandy: Nuts!
Me: [[chuckles]] my dirty mind - Worksponge

54 Mutiny On The Krusty Mutiny On The Krusty

This and "Clams" could easily rival each other... Like they are so much similar and they both have great comedy... - Worksponge

Like Clams...

Underrated - Worksponge

55 Whirly Brains Whirly Brains

Crazy. That's how I can describe it in one word. And I loved every second of that craziness of this episode. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Another way how people get on this episode is really weird - Worksponge

This episode is funny I like it - cadespencer

56 House Worming House Worming
57 Snooze You Lose Snooze You Lose
58 The Getaway The Getaway
59 Lost and Found Lost and Found
60 Patrick's Coupon Patrick's Coupon

Eh, this one's meh. Not great, but not terrible either. Just Patrick trying to exchange his ice cream coupon for SpongeBob and going on a crazy adventure in the mix. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

61 Sportz? Sportz?

The episode is understandably quite divisive with fans, and while I can see why not a lot of people like it due to the brutality of pain being inflicted on SpongeBob and Patrick and eventually Squidward, I do feel it does a better job of evenly distributing karmic retribution among SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward. At least a lot better than most Post-Movie episodes. But yeah, I can see why this is one of the more weaker episodes of the Post-Sequel era. Better than any Karma Houdini episode from any era, that's for sure. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I don't like this one. Too much violence - Tyler730

62 Cave Dwelling Sponge Cave Dwelling Sponge
63 The Clam Whisperer The Clam Whisperer
64 Larry the Floor Manager Larry the Floor Manager
65 Don't Wake Patrick Don't Wake Patrick
66 Krabby Patty Creature Feature Krabby Patty Creature Feature

A little creepy, but fun and good overall episode.

67 No Pictures Please No Pictures Please

I’m so glad this is low in the list. I don’t know how Disney didn’t sue Nickelodeon and block this episode for copyright.

68 ScavengerPants ScavengerPants
69 Cuddle E. Hugs Cuddle E. Hugs
70 Chatterbox Gary
71 Don't Feed the Clowns
72 Drive Happy
73 Old Man Patrick
74 Fun-Sized Friends
75 Grandmum's the Word
76 Doodle Dimension
77 Moving Bubble Bass
78 Bottle Burglars
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