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21 Sharks vs. Pods Sharks vs. Pods

Different from SpongeBob and funny - Worksponge

22 Krusty Katering Krusty Katering
23 Sold! Sold!

My one problem with this episode is the ending. I just found it pointless.

24 Factory Fresh Factory Fresh

It's now called Goodbye Krabby Patty? Still good though - Tyler730

25 Plankton Gets the Boot Plankton Gets the Boot
26 Trident Trouble Trident Trouble

Good episode - Worksponge

27 CopyBob DittoPants CopyBob DittoPants V 1 Comment
28 Bulletin Board Bulletin Board

I could see this episode rivaling "Skill Crane." This could easily fit in S2-4. - Worksponge

29 SpongeBob LongPants SpongeBob LongPants

S5 type episode and it is really good...different - Worksponge

30 Larry's Gym Larry's Gym V 1 Comment
31 The Fish Bowl The Fish Bowl V 1 Comment
32 Married to Money Married to Money

Sea Bears are back! Great reference to The Camping Episode - Tyler730

33 Mall Girl Pearl Mall Girl Pearl
34 Two Thumbs Down Two Thumbs Down V 1 Comment
35 Sandy's Nutmare Sandy's Nutmare

Great humor and comedy but weak premise - Worksponge

36 Salsa Imbecilicus Salsa Imbecilicus

Great to see Sandy and Karen work together - Worksponge

V 1 Comment
37 Mutiny On The Krusty Mutiny On The Krusty

This and "Clams" could easily rival each other... Like they are so much similar and they both have great comedy... - Worksponge

Like Clams...

Underrated - Worksponge

38 House Worming House Worming
39 Snooze You Lose Snooze You Lose
40 Life Insurance Life Insurance
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