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41 The Check-Up The Check-Up
42 Man Ray Returns Man Ray Returns
43 Stuck on the Roof Stuck on the Roof

Didn't he get over fear of heights after riding the Fiery Fist O-Pain with Patrick?
This either took place before that episode, or he's just being a big baby.

Dumb episode, Spongebob is scared of heights and the roof isn’t even that high up. What a baby.

44 SpongeBob LongPants SpongeBob LongPants

You know, one thing I liked about this episode was near the end when Mr. Krabs helped SpongeBob take off his pants and cheer him up before going back to the movie theater. In other words, Mr. Krabs was a fatherly figure to SpongeBob in a vein similar to his Pre-Movie counterpart. Other than that, I liked the episode overall. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

S5 type episode and it is really good...different - Worksponge

45 The Fish Bowl The Fish Bowl

This one gets a lot of hate but I found it decent. - Tyler730

I like the premise..this episode can be compared to how producers make people fight when put together on reality shows...ili - Worksponge

46 Mall Girl Pearl Mall Girl Pearl
47 Two Thumbs Down Two Thumbs Down V 1 Comment
48 Sandy's Nutmare Sandy's Nutmare

Great humor and comedy but weak premise - Worksponge

49 Salsa Imbecilicus Salsa Imbecilicus

Great to see Sandy and Karen work together - Worksponge

Karen: You're a squirrel, what do you eat?
Sandy: Nuts!
Me: [[chuckles]] my dirty mind - Worksponge

50 Mutiny On The Krusty Mutiny On The Krusty

This and "Clams" could easily rival each other... Like they are so much similar and they both have great comedy... - Worksponge

Like Clams...

Underrated - Worksponge

51 Whirly Brains Whirly Brains

Another way how people get on this episode is really weird - Worksponge

This episode is funny I like it - cadespencer

52 House Worming House Worming
53 Snooze You Lose Snooze You Lose
54 The Getaway The Getaway
55 Lost and Found Lost and Found
56 Patrick's Coupon Patrick's Coupon

Eh, this one's meh. Not great, but not terrible either. Just Patrick trying to exchange his ice cream coupon for SpongeBob and going on a crazy adventure in the mix. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

57 Sportz? Sportz?

I don't like this one. Too much violence - Tyler730

58 Cave Dwelling Sponge Cave Dwelling Sponge
59 The Clam Whisperer The Clam Whisperer
60 Larry the Floor Manager Larry the Floor Manager
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