Top 10 Post Sequel SpongeBob Songs

Here are the top ten SpongeBob songs that were released in episodes that aired after the sequel.

The Top Ten Post Sequel SpongeBob Songs

1 Who Am I?
2 Kung Fu Rock
3 My Leg is in Love!

Love it!

4 Ahhh!!!
5 Feeling Happy
6 I Hate Everybody

This song is so funny! I LOVE Spongebob's place, and I also LOVE this song. Who am I is a terrible song from a meh episode, it isn't worthy of the #1 spot. P.S. why is nobody commenting on this list? I hope somebody sees this list and votes this great tune up to #1

7 Mermaid Man Theme Song
8 I Hate SpongeBob (I Hate Patrick)
9 The Mustard Song
10 A Mining We Will Go
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