Top 10 Potato Varieties


The Top Ten

1 Yukon Gold Potato Yukon Gold Potato

This is the ultimate All Purpose Potato - good for everything, including French fries. - Metal_Treasure

2 Red Bliss Potato Red Bliss Potato

Good for everything except for mashing. They have no earthy flavor and I like that - Metal_Treasure

3 Sweet Potato Sweet Potato
4 Idaho Russet Potato Idaho Russet Potato

Probably the most common variety in North America. They have a neutral potato flavor, and are best for mashing, baking and French fries - Metal_Treasure

5 Katahdin Potato Katahdin Potato

It's your perfect French fry potato. - Metal_Treasure

6 Purple Peruvian Potato Purple Peruvian Potato

They are pretty exotic outside Peru (I would like to try them) - Metal_Treasure

7 Inca Gold Potato Inca Gold Potato

They are with an earthy flavor and creamy texture. Bad for soups - Metal_Treasure

8 Carola Potato Carola Potato

Classic potato flavor - they are best for grilling and roasting, and worst for soups - Metal_Treasure

9 Viking Potato Viking Potato

Aka Purple Viking Potato. Best for baking, roasting, boiling, potato salads, casseroles and gratins, and worst for soups. - Metal_Treasure

10 Rose Gold Potato Rose Gold Potato

They have rose-red skin and yellow flesh. They are best for baking, worst for mashing. - Metal_Treasure

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