Top Ten Potential Color Schemes for TheTopTens to Use

There have been a number of lists about the new layout already, most of it negative. If there's one thing I don't like most, it's the new color scheme. Yellow is a rather ugly color for this site. I guess it may be safe to ask, but I wonder if it's possible, in the future, for users to change the color scheme for their personal preference?

The Top Ten


Blue will always be the best color anywhere on anything as a matter of fact, The sky is blue, so are the oceans and lakes, whoever changed the color needs to think about what others want before doing it, Don't just simply change designs without getting grants from anyone, What has happened to society.

I definitely think blue is the best color for this website! Well, that may be because the website was mainly blue, until it turned orange - kaitlynrad11

Wasn't it already for the last few years? I wouldn't call that a potential color scheme, I'd call it a past one. - Songsta41

Seriously! When I got on the website, I was shocked at what I saw. Everything seems confusing now. - nintendofan126


Whenever I see a blue-themed website, I always wanted to see a red version. I hope TheTopTens becomes like that!

I rather have red than yellow - CerealGuy

Red's awesome. I want TopTens to become red! - PizzaGuy

That would be pretty cool. I could imagine red logos. How about it, admin? Maybe in a few years once this one's old? - Songsta41


Green fits anything and its one of my favorite colors. Plus it will make a bright color because the other blue was too dark for me. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I want sea green! - NESSquid

Dark Red

This would be better for an scary website actually... - JaysTop10List

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What the heck is puce? - NuMetalManiak

Dark Blue
Violet and Pink

Wonderful and beautiful colour combination methinks.
I don't go a bundle om this new orange...Shh...just don't tell anyone I said that. - Britgirl


Yellow is by far my favorite color. It represents the bright, the happy, and the sun, whoch provides heat and life. I would have the sceme be yellow, black, white, and a teal. - Turkeyasylum


I'm surprised this isn't everyones color scheme, it's the best one. - Songsta41

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