Top Ten Potential Movie Trailer Voiceovers If Trailers Were Written As Annoying TV Commercials

The Top Ten

1 This is Tony Stark. Tony saved £200 on MoneySupermarket, and now he feels EPIC!!!!!!!!

Please teach me your way of life, Tony - RedAce66

This is amazing! I couldn't decide.
Excellent list! - Britgirl

2 If you've been in an accident that wasn't your fault, who you gonna call?

Ghostbusters! I don't know, I'm weird. - funnyuser

It sounds like someone desided to make a movie spin off for ghostbusters but changed there mind and did it for a commercial. - Mumbizz01

3 Bilbo Baggins, you work hard, you give hope to the dwarves whose home they fight to reclaim. And at Halifax, we believe those who give extra should get extra back.
4 Jason Bourne, have you been involved in an accident that wasn't your fault?
5 Nothing, repeat nothing, gets your white whiter than Gandalf!
6 I see dead people...but where to hide them?... The DFS Sale is now on!
7 Dye Hard. Your hair now looks more natural than ever!

I'm a sucker for puns, what a specific, but hilarious list! - keycha1n

I would like to see Bruce Willis dyed - simpsondude

8 Wow! Look at that Shining!
9 Vin Diesel, are you paying too much for your car insurance?
10 Your apartment destroyed by Superman? Call Luthor Insurance Today!

The Contenders

11 Does your teenage daughter do nothing all day, then have him participate in President Snow's Hunger Games!

Hang on, teenage daughter is a him? - IronSabbathPriest

Have him? Unusual context for a teenage daughter, hmm? - PositronWildhawk

12 Grand Budapest Hotel? Trivago!

Which room? Please don't give me Room 1408. - ethanmeinster

13 Is there a Scrooge in your neighborhood? Call the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future Corporation.
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