Best Power Armor Suit Models

Power Armor is an electrically powered, mechanical, metal suit of armor from the Fallout game franchise made by Bethesda

The Top Ten

1 Hellfire Hellfire

By far the best, it provides the most protection, looks the coolest, and is the best in lore. - EliHbk

I want to lick it! - DwarrenX

Hell yeah, tough and awesome - SnerpDoge

2 X-01

X-o1 is really good - SnerpDoge

3 Enclave

tough - SnerpDoge

4 T-51
5 T-49

This is a FO4 mod by the way - EliHbk

looks cool - SnerpDoge

6 T-60

Pretty good - SnerpDoge

7 BOS (FO3)

t51 or t60 - SnerpDoge

8 Raider

looks cool - SnerpDoge

9 T-40

junk - SnerpDoge

10 Frame

I don't know y, but the texture was well done - EliHbk

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