Top Ten Power Foods to Keep Up Your Energy at Work

Top ten foods to keep your energy and productivity up during long work days.

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1 Apples Apples

Their so sweet and delicious. I love dipping them in vanilla yogurt. Crispy juicy red ones are the best and they give lots of healthy energy even though I love candy and desserts more than healthy foods.. I know they are good for me - Cutiegirl123

All fruit contains the natural sugar glucose, which your body easily turns into energy. Apples are also packed with fiber and convenient to pack along with you to work and keep at your desk.

2 Almonds

The copper and manganese in almonds really help to keep your energy level high. Just be careful of the sodium that often comes in snack packs of these delicious nuts.

The crunch wakes you up! I love dill pickle ones the most! If I want a softer taste, I eat un-salted almonds and vanilla yogurt!

Not today!

3 Yogurt

Not only will yogurt provide you with additional calcium, but the magnesium contained in this dairy product encourages your body to release energy.

4 Dark Chocolate
5 Oranges

The glucose gives you energy, while the vitamin C helps your immune system.

6 Ginger Tea
7 Leafy Greens

Choose a salad for lunch. The folate in leafy green protects against depression.

8 Spicy Foods

Peppers and hot spices like cayenne naturally raise your energy level.

I can't go a week without at least four chillies, so I'm energised - PositronWildhawk

9 Whole Grains

Start the day off right with oatmeal for breakfast.

10 Energy Bars

Skip candy and choose a healthy energy bar - one with natural ingredients and no chemicals.

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11 Herbal Tea
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