Power Metal Songs with the Best Guitar Riffs

Its hard to chose between power metal riffs, cause a lot of them sound same. But these seemed very good to me.

The Top Ten

1 Wolf & Raven - Sonata Arctica Wolf & Raven - Sonata Arctica

I somewhat agree many power metal riffs sound similar but this has 2 different aspects:
1) riffs from one subgenre always sound more or less similar - there are similarities in thrash riffs, hard rock riffs, blues riffs, etc.
2) similarities that are plagiarism or close to plagiarism - yes, some power metal riffs sound similar to riffs by other modern power metal bands and even to riffs by Judas Priest, Rainbow, Deep Purple, and other bands.
I haven't noticed this only in Blind Guardian riffs - they don't sound similar to any other band. This is one of the reasons I have the most respect for them. - Metal_Treasure

2 Dawn of Victory - Rhapsody Dawn of Victory - Rhapsody

Umm... You probably didn't notice that this riff is a version of Breaking the Law by Judas Priest... Just play the song sample. And yes, I also like the riff to Breaking the Law. - Metal_Treasure

I am not sure, but I never noticed the similarities. Don't know if they used capos, but Dawn of Victory riff starts from few frets behind than Breaking the Law. - zxm

3 Man on a Mission - Gamma Ray Man on a Mission - Gamma Ray
4 Riding the Storm - Running Wild
5 Keeper of the Seven Keys - Helloween
6 Liar Liar - Kamelot
7 Stratosphere - Stratovarius

Yes, this song may sound like a neoclassical metal or could be even neoclassical metal. Because its instrumental. But like I once said, its very confusing between power metal and neoclassical metal. Neoclassical and power metal have same scales. Sometimes they have same descending scales, same pentatonic scales.
But I have originally added it because of the opening riff. And these types of riffs are more common in power metal than neoclassical metal. - zxm

8 The Kingdom of My Will - Lost Horizon
9 Emerald Sword - Rhapsody
10 Curse of Feanor - Blind Guardian

Majesty and some other Blind Guardian songs have very good riffs but I didn't add Majesty because it's technically speed metal. Speed metal is a version of power metal but it's still different. But the author zxm added Stratosphere by Stratovarius, which is technically neo-classical metal, so probably the author accepts a broader definition of power metal.
Besides The Curse of Feanor, I would say: Majesty, Banish From Sanctuary, Valhalla, Ride Into Obsession, Into The Storm, Tanelorn (Into The Void), Fly.
Most of these songs have more than one riff and I usually like one of them better.
Blind Guardian also have great "symphonized" riffs I didn't mention. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Land of the Free - Gamma Ray
12 Babylon - Edguy
13 Heart of a Dragon - DragonForce
14 Ride Into Obsession - Blind Guardian
15 Valhalla - Blind Guardian
16 Hunting High and Low - Stratovarius
17 Eagleheart - Stratovarius
18 Mercenary Man - Firewind
19 Steel Avenger - Metalium
20 Sail On - Masterplan
21 Warrior's Cry - Masterplan
22 Distant Thunder - Shaman
23 Inseminoid - Primal Fear
24 Mysteria - Edguy
25 Nailed to the Wheel - Edguy
26 I Want Out - Helloween
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