Top 10 Power Metal Songs with the Best Intro

Power Metal is a melodic non-extreme metal subgenre. Intros in Power Metal vary a lot and this is a good thing in my opinion - electric guitar intros, acoustic guitar intros, keyboards/piano intros, drum intros, vocal-focused intros, sounds (such as war sounds, clock sounds, thunder sounds), and many combinations between all listed.

In my original top 10 I included examples of this variety. But the most common intros are electric guitar riffs that is a characteristic of metal music in general.

The Top Ten Power Metal Songs with the Best Intro

1 I Am - Theocracy

Love the intro, one of the best progressive power metal bands.

Progressive Power Metal at its best. Gorgeous and epic intro to one of the best power metal songs of the 21st century (2011). The sample below features part of the intro. - Metal_Treasure

Momo told me to
*Hears Tis*
*Hair grows back*
Oh mah gawd

🙀 "How Long Was I In? "
🐶 " Three Hours "
😾 "Did I Miss Dinner?!?!?! "
🐶 " No... " *Murmers* "I Wish You Die though..."
😾 " What was That? "
🐶 "Uhh... Nothing! "
😾 " Good. "
😺 "Imma Be Treasure Cat Now! Bye! "

2 Time What Is Time - Blind Guardian

A pretty unusual intro in 3 parts - flamenco style acoustic guitar, followed by a drum & riff "thunder", followed by a beautiful melodic riff. I love the contrast of these transitions. It works so well. The sample features the 2nd and the 3rd part of the intro. But the most unique element is the 1st part - the acoustic flamenco guitar. - Metal_Treasure

The intro for this song is probably the best I’ve ever heard. - PhoenixAura81

3 Land of the Free - Gamma Ray

An electric guitar intro I like a lot. Kai Hansen rules! - Metal_Treasure

4 Vain Glory Opera - Edguy

Keyboards intro for ya by Tobias Sammet. Great song (don't miss the chorus). - Metal_Treasure

5 Father Time - Stratovarius

It opens with ticking clock sounds, followed by drum-driven instrumental intro - Metal_Treasure

6 Martyr - Theocracy

Excellent proggy riffs, well paired with drums - Metal_Treasure

7 The Curse of Feanor - Blind Guardian

A very cool drum-driven instrumental intro (The Curse of Feanor might be the heaviest song on this list; it's also one of the most underrated Blind Guardian songs) - Metal_Treasure

8 Ghost Division - Sabaton

I love it because it's very energetic (the sample features part of it because the intro is actually one of the riffs) - Metal_Treasure

9 Mysteria - Edguy

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the freakshow", followed by a great scream ("Oooh, yeah! ") - Metal_Treasure

10 Through the Fire and Flames - Dragonforce

So what if it's cliche to put this on greatest power metal intros? It's still pretty damn epic. - OnyxDash

The Contenders

11 Where the Rain Grows - Helloween

The intro includes a drum solo that is about 10 seconds long - Metal_Treasure

12 Distant Thunder - Shaman
13 Laying the Demon to Rest - Theocracy

Hits like a truck, and I love it. - Spiderman209942

14 As Above, So Below - Yngwie Malmsteen

Best yet - Slimshelly

15 Somewhere Out In Space - Gamma Ray

Electric guitar-driven intro (guitars - Kai Hansen) - Metal_Treasure

16 Valhalla - Blind Guardian

An iconic intro - a guitar riff perfectly complemented by the drumming (drumming sounds like an extension of the riff - the sample features part of it). Perfect. - Metal_Treasure

17 Bad Guys Wear Black - Primal Fear

Sequence: sounds, short drum solo, killer riff - Metal_Treasure

18 Man on a Mission - Gamma Ray
19 30 Pieces of Silver - Theocracy
20 Defenders of the Crown - Edguy
21 Age of False Innocence - Blind Guardian

It opens with piano (this is a great Progressive Power Metal song; I think it's THE most underrated Blind Guardian song) - Metal_Treasure

22 Journey Through the Dark - Blind Guardian

Raw, Thrashy, & Speedy - an underrated song. Somewhere Far Beyond and Imaginations from the Other Side were two great albums. I really miss that era of Blind Guardian. - Kelian

23 Thorn - Blind Guardian

Wow, the user Kelian ADDED 10 Blind Guardian SONGS! I didn't know there was another big fan of theirs on this site! - Metal_Treasure

24 Imaginations from the Other Side - Blind Guardian

To me, the intro to this song sounds quite strange and mystical, which I believe is the essence of this beautifully crafted album. It's twin brother-like album "Somewhere Far Beyond", which although encompasses a lot more thrashier and aggressive element, also reflects subtleties of the same mystical quality through some really intriguing and thought-provoking lyricism. Hah, I might be completely off with my interpretation. Blame it all upon the Rush of Blood to the Head - Arhaan95

25 Mindtraveller - Falconer

Hands down, top 5 intros in rock

This is more like folk metal and not power metal - Metal_Treasure

26 Heresy in Disguise - Falconer
27 Mirror, Mirror - Blind Guardian
28 Inseminoid - Primal Fear
29 Breaking the Law - Judas Priest

This is NOT power metal. - Metal_Treasure

30 Needled 24/7 - Children of Bodom
31 Cowboys from Hell - Pantera

NOT power metal! - Metal_Treasure

32 Valley of the Damned - DragonForce
33 Mordred's Song - Blind Guardian
34 The Script for My Requiem - Blind Guardian
35 I'm Alive - Blind Guardian
36 Another Holy War - Blind Guardian
37 A Past and Future Secret - Blind Guardian
38 Somewhere Far Beyond - Blind Guardian
39 Iron Man - Black Sabbath

Geez, this is NOT power metal... - Metal_Treasure

40 Operation Ground and Pound - Dragonforce

Honestly of all the Dragonforce intros this one sticks out to me the most. - SuperSonic17

41 Emerald Sword - Rhapsody
42 Angel of Death - Slayer

, you hear the intro and you immediately want to MOSH!

43 The Quest for Tanelorn - Blind Guardian
44 Empire of the Clouds - Iron Maiden

This has a piano intro! I know that most power metal songs start out all epic and that sort of thing, but this is different, it has a gradual intro that does not throw the listener directly into it. Don't get me wrong, I really like power metal a lot, but this is an excellent way to start a story, a great exposition.

I doubt this song is power metal. - Metal_Treasure

45 Te Traeré el Horizonte - Mägo de Oz

This intro is pretty unconventional for metal. It starts out EDM-like with AMAZING synths and some drums (machines probable). Then there are cool female vocals, THEN there is an awesome violin solo. This song is on Mägo de Oz’s new album Ira Dei (the amazing album whose title track I rave about too much). The rest of the song is amazing. I added this by the way. - PhoenixAura81

46 Faith & Decision - Versailles

7 minute intro with epic guitar work by one of the most underrated guitar duos, Teru and Hizaki.

47 Dragon of Erebor - Númenor
48 Prophet - Candlemass

Yes this is Power Metal - Doomed_God

49 Black Widow's Web - Angra
50 Angel of Salvation - Galneryus
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