Top 10 Power Ranger Plot Twists

Some of the most unexpected plot twists on Power Rangers

The Top Ten

1 Astronema is Karone
2 Dr. K created Venjix
3 Evox was Venjix
4 Grace was Zordon's first Red Ranger
5 The Omega Rangers
6 Tenaya is Dillon's sister
7 A-Squad turns traitor
8 Anton Mercer is Mesagog
9 Frax was once human
10 Nick is Udonna's son

The Contenders

11 Mercer is Mesogog
12 Koragg is Leanbow
13 Levi is Brody's Brother
14 Zen-Aku was Merrick
15 Jayden's secret
16 Mack is an android
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