Power Ranger Series With Best Theme Song

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1 In Space

This is a great theme song. It was like the end of the golden era. Zordon dies at the final episode of In Space. It has a great adventure. The people of Angel Groove stood up for the Power Rangers. LOVE THIS SEASON!

This is the best series ever!

This was like the last chapter of the Zordon era.

Sonic the Hedgehog is a douche bag!

Shadow the Hedgehog and Silver the Hedgehog are cool.

Tails is cool.

This is a great series.

It is dark and it has the death of one of the main characters, Zordon.

The way it was ended was SUPER!

Time Force can't top that.


2 Dino Thunder

Need I say more? It's so catchy I could listen to it on a loop all day.

The beginning sends shivers down my spine. Sure time force and the original are really catchy, but this was just complete awesomeness.

The song is awesome with rocks beat! It's catch, cool and really fits the scenes.

Dino Thunder is my favourite season and this is my is my favorite theme.

3 Mighty Morphing

Go Go Power Rangers! The only Power Rangers that was really the best. Unless you count Cute Justin Stewart. Before you say anything he is an adult now and looks different to when he was little.

The most awesome theme of any series and no other beats in the series.

No need for fancy lyrics :P forget the lyrics and enjoy the best tune!

Awesome theme song and later series like samauri tried to copy it.

4 Lightspeed Rescue

It's cheesy, but that's how it's supposed to be. Power Rangers is built upon cheese, and Lightspeed Rescue's theme song did an amazing job of reflecting that. It's a darn good song that's just so catchy.

First ever to have human to make their own power rangers

I love that song its catchy

My favorite season.

5 Lost Galaxy

This is the darkest season of Power Rangers

Those who like Time Force are on drugs

Lost Galaxy has a drama story and this is by far the only season to have one of the main power rangers to die.

NO, I will not replace Operation OVerdrive with those stupid Time Force!

Middle Finger Power!

Party in space to the galaxy the world Power Rangers lost galaxy

This is the awesome theme and best season

Lost galaxy is awesome

6 Time Force

I love it and the series one of my favorites ever. despite the fact that some idiots going around saying don't like it
A) they've probably never watched it
B) international human rights state that people are allowed to voice their own opinion freely. just saying.

This one has to be one of the best. It totally belongs in the nostalgia department, this one. MMPR can't top this theme...

Time Force’s Theme song is stuck in my head, “Coming from another time, chrono morphers are on-line, timeless wonders, fire and thunder, off to save the world! ” This song is the best.

Its been stuck in my head for weeks, months rather

7 Ninja Storm

This was mt first power ranger series and I still like to watch it over and over again

Ninja Storm best ever whatch it listen to it best ever made

It took a new style to opening themes

Samurai just copied the op of MMPR

8 Zeo

A kickass revamp of the original theme that still all these years later creeps into my head for no descernable reason and has me humming all day long.

An epic follow on from MMPR. Turbo never sounded so bad as when following Zeo as the theem tune.

Its very good and brings the interst it brings a feel of myestry that is needed for the best power ranger show

9 Dino Charge

This has to be the best theme song in Power Rangers, it's just perfect. The theme song gives a great message and it fits with the intro. the singing is on point too. However I wouldn't call this series one of the best, I'd say out of all the PR series, it's one of those good above average seasons.

It deserves to be at no. 1! its' lyrics are outstanding & video is attracting it should given "respect" By- rose M.P. INDIA

I thank that it should be number 1!

I love it because of the action

10 Turbo

The Contenders

11 Mystic Force

The song was fast and mysterious with a surprise at the end. "Here come the Power Rangers! "

Fast, and makes you realize, that sometimes, these shows aren't only for kids.

Loved this season and awesome theme song

Awesome theme song I wanna dance baby

12 Samurai

Love the remix of the original. Also best story line and acting.

Best ever and is so cool and kevin is so good
Mmpr sucked

13 Jungle Fury

I think Jungle Fury theme song is best and good of all. It is like DJ type. I like to hear it everyday.

Jungle fury is the best EVER its way better then hearing GO GO power rangers all the time

A great theme song, and an even greater season. The season is sublime, one of the best.

I found a uniqe style in their theme song...'I don't know why on your on a top 9? But they are deserve to be in top 5...

14 Megaforce

I hate this one. I thought about jumping into a huge traffic and running me over.

By the way. Not related to PR but Right from Tokkyuger is the fist main Female Sentai ranger! (Joke because he's a girl and is a dick)

I did like the season as the rangers were well grouped and they did look like real friends. The theme song was ok.

That theme was just a copy of samurai. The show is good but the theme song is just a copy.

Emme and orion r the best and troy is so cool watch who is crying now at the begining too find out why he is also the best girl ranger

15 SPD

This is my favorite theme ever! It is so good it even gets stuck in my head that's how good and catchy it is

I like the first few seconds, them it gets cheesy. Still good though

16 Super Megaforce
17 Wild Force

The Best Theme song I have ever heard.

Best theme song and the best show

I love thim and the best part is the song


18 RPM

Scott from RPM and Scott from South Park have one thing in common.

They have the same name and they are dick.

They are mean and ugly.

Scott can be a dick.
Dr. K is a stuck up person.
However, this season is great. People die and the bad guys took over the world.

You know what they say, "With a great series comes a great theme song".

RPM has a rock in roll music theme. RPM is by far the darkest season of Power Rangers. Characters get killed, some rangers get arrested and go to jail, some rangers get caught up with criminals, some of the Rangers lost love ones. Humans pointed guns at kids.

THAT IS A GREAT SEASON unlike Time force.

Time Force SUCKS!

19 Operation Overdrive

I liked how they tried something different with the theme song, and gave it a rap style. I personally am a rap fan, and this was fun to sing along to.

That was made the year I was born!

Gun range new rims Go Go Go Go ninja to reach still go go Power Rangers Operation

Time Force

20 Ninja Steel

Also the Best series I have seen In my years

I love this theme song!

21 Beast Morphers
22 Alien Rangers
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