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21 Sledge

Sledge is intelligent and devises plans like a general.He is powerful enough to defeat the rangers.

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22 Queen Bansheera

She's the real villain in Lightspeed Rescue

23 Diabolico

He's one of the more honorable villains!

24 Olympius

He's from Lightspeed Rescue Power Rangers

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25 Master Org

The boy from Eerie, Indiana named Marshall Teller loves Master Org because he too loves pollution and crime.

I hate Marshall Teller.

Master Org is highly destructive and deceiving,for example he fooled Mandilok by an Org.He should be among top ten.

26 Darkonda

He is si evil, that he always look how to defeat rangers, and Astronema, Ecliptor and Dark Spector.

27 Villamax

He was sort of the ecliptor of lost galaxy, but people only seem to remember trakeena. He was the definition of honorable, and seemed much kore like a good guy. He also had some touching moments as well. - q1q1q1q1q1

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28 Evil Green Ranger
29 Korrag

Korrag is so cool and he has so many chances to destroy the rangers

30 Zeltrax

Zeltrax is so smart cause he makes an other evil white ranger

Zeltrax is the most badass villain, period.

31 Broodwing

Love Broodwing particularly because despite being at a lower ranking position by his own choice, he's much more dangerous than Grumm himself. He's just as brutal, but he's a much better strategist as evident by literally taking over the entire command center on his first attempt. Once Broodwing was gone, the rest of the war in SPD was pretty smooth sailing.

If someone tries to attack him he could just fly away

32 Kapri
33 Serrator
34 Snide

A badass character that can be transformed into heckyl. He is a clever general and is the only one who doesn't actually mind getting his hand dirty. He has an interesting back story too

35 Vrak

Vraks the best

36 Flurios

He is so intelligent and powerful.His only demerit is that,he is not active as other villains in attacking.

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37 Emperer Grum V 3 Comments
38 Daishi V 1 Comment
39 Prince Gasket

He is really prince sprocket

40 Jindrax
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