Top 10 Power Rangers Generals


The Top Ten

1 Goldar (Mighty Morphin) Goldar (Mighty Morphin)
2 Zeltrax (Dino Thunder)
3 Ecliptor (In Space)
4 Deviot (Lost Galaxy)
5 Blaze and Roxy (Beast Morphers)
6 Zen-Aku (Wild Force)
7 Dayne (Boom Studios Comics)
8 General Shifter (RPM)
9 Fury (Dino Charge)
10 Scorpina (Mighty Morphin)

The Contenders

11 Frax (Time Force)

His backstory was just tragic. - JT2zeMax

12 Tenaya 7 (RPM)
13 Rito Revolto (Mighty Morphin)
14 Vexacus (Ninja Storm)
15 Koragg (Mystic Force)
16 Prince Gasket (Zeo)
17 Camille (Jungle Fury)
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Top Remixes

1. Goldar (Mighty Morphin)
2. Zeltrax (Dino Thunder)
3. Ecliptor (In Space)


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