Top Ten Power Rangers Openings

To celebrate the awesome series, lets go over the best themes the show hasbhad over the years!

The Top Ten

1 Lost Galaxy

I Love this one!, Is the best power rangers opening ever.

"Power Rangers... (Lost) Galaxy! "

Power ranger Lost Galaxsy no best

Es el mejor

2 Mystic Force

This the best one. The rangers were seen kicking ass and had some much powers. Plus, there costumes was lit, especially the visors. Also the theme song was catchy.

"All right lets go, time to turn it on, we protect the right from wrong. Fight evil, till the tide is standin strong, we got it going on. MYSTIC FORCE!

3 Jungle Fury

" Dai Shi, (Go away) we're here, (to save the day). Cause we're the power rangers... Jungle Fury (Jungle fury)! "

4 S.P.D

"Power Rangers S.P. D! Power Rangers to the rescue! Go, go S.P. D! "

5 Dino Thunder
6 Ninja Storm

Go go ninja rangers

7 Mighty Morphin

"Go, go Power Rangers! "

Awesome opening the best

8 Time Force

the balls

9 Zeo
10 In Space

Time Force is the worst season ever!

Father sucks and a hot head!

The fans are dumb for liking this season!

To the actor who play Wes, go screw yourselves

The Contenders

11 Dino Charge

Great instrumentals and really cool footage to go along with it. It gets you hyped and is fantastic to listen to.

12 Wild Force

This deserve the prize! The show and the theme Song was just perfect!

13 Megaforce

Go go power rangers

According to me, it is d best power rangers series

14 Operation Overdrive
15 Lightspeed Rescue

Really cool

16 Samurai

Really catchy

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