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1 Dino Thunder

I love this series LOVE IT! But its no where near this high level, if anything it should be power rangers in space because of the impact it had on the franchise. I mean the last episode of that season was supposed to be the last episode ever in the series but due to the high ratings it lasted another season and another and another and another...

DT should be on top of the list.
White drago ranger's helmet is the coolest helmet in the power ranger history.

Dino Thunder had amazing zones and was just one of the best series of power rangers ever!

The plot was a little bland but unlike most villans who try to take over the world, mezogog was trying to bring back the earth to is prehistoric state which puts a slight twist to the story and I love how they teamed up with S.P. D and also the best part... Jason David frank was in it!

2 Jungle Fury

Jungle Fury was the season that made me feel so sad when it was over. I grew to love the characters, both rangers and villains, and the storylines were amazing. If a season of Power Rangers makes you almost cry when it's over, you know the season did something right!

Jungle fury is my favorite it had the best suits ever and my favorite ranger ever Casey. And it had the best story ever and the coolest characters ever and my favorite animals of all time

Jungle Fury was the first Power Rangers series that use mixed martial arts each fighter had his own fighting style along with Kung Fu karate and Taekwondo

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3 Mighty Morphin

I like the show very much

5 Turbo
6 Alien Rangers
7 Lost Galaxy

Lost Galaxy is a great Sci Fi series

It doesn't use fart attacks until Stupid Dino Charge!

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8 S.P.D.
9 Lightspeed Rescue

Time Force is the worst season ever!

Father sucks and a hot head!

The fans are dumb for liking this season!

To the actor who play Wes, go screw yourselves

Because light speed rangers is very brave and honest and light speed technology very modern

10 Mystic Force

I Like Mystic Force

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11 Dino Charge

Time Force makes you want a fart

12 TimeForce V 1 Comment
13 In Space V 3 Comments
14 Megaforce

Megaforce was too rush

Need 40 episodes to tell megaforce

40 episodes on super megaforce

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15 Zeo
16 Hexagon
17 Cyber Corps
18 Ultrapower

They are the most strongest,you should see their mega ranger in full power

19 Samurai
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1. Turbo
2. Alien Rangers
3. Jungle Fury
1. Mystic Force
2. Megaforce
3. Jungle Fury



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