Most Powerful Bungou Stray Dogs Characters

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1 Osamu Dazai

Dazai has a really strong ability to nullify abilities. Although it is not suited for combat, Dazai knows how to use it properly.
He is cunning, manipulative and it is said that his predictions were never wrong. In the light novel it is said that he could see threw anything (he could see through everything)
He has great great speed and has good amount of strength.
Most importantly he can get people to do what he wants, he can manipulate them and get the outcome he wants.

So basically he has OP ability and terrifying intelligence that makes him number 1

Dazai is strong but honestly the only reason he is this high is because of his character popularity. Yeah, he's incredibly smart and he's got a unique power that can win many fights, but I really don't see how that makes him the strongest, especially if he needs to touch the opponent in order for his power to be effective. There are other characters on this list that deserve to be higher SPECIFICALLY in terms of their ability. (still love this boi tho don't get me wrong)

Being powerful is far from just physical strength. Who do you fear more, the man with brains or brawn? Besides, personally I think it's fair to say that any ability that can override the other is stronger

Nullifying power + terrifying intelligence = OP

His gift alone might not be suitable for combat that much. However, his extreme intelligence beats everyone. Villains always think that they have the upperhand, not knowing that Dazai is actually ten steps ahead.

2 Chuuya Nakahara

He's a complete hothead and he is really easily provoked into rushing into fights without having a plan, which may results in many regrettable losses of his. However, in terms of pure destruction, he weilds a terrifyingly powerful and destructive ability which causes devastating damage, making Chuuya very hard to defeat. Mot to mention he is already physically powerful, being the strongest martial artist in the Port Mafia.

Character was so OP they had to trap him in a mystery novel while the good stuff was going on

Best martial artist in the port mafia and he also can send Kenji, Which is the strongest member in the ADA physically wise, flying without using his ability, Plus he merged with arahabaki, God of destruction, Which gained him more power

He could fight without his ability.

3 Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Just as smart and cunning as Dazai, with an ability that supposedly kill people just by touching them. Enough said.

He took the combined efforts of literally nearly every existing character to defeat

Is supposedly strong. His ability's power has not yet been fully revealed. Smart too.

Dazai intelligence but with a deadly ability

4 Howard Phillips Lovecraft

extra-dimensional creatures that cannot die and can always regenerate are an extraordinary force. taken from the actual call of cthulhu reference. the power of the great old one is really deadly, the real great old one is the group of lovecraft monsters and Cthulhu, one of the spectacular and great.

He's still alive and unscathed after Chuuya chuckled some black holes at him...

He is literally a god Chuuya had to use corruption damn

Not an ability,

5 Nikolai Gogol

Because his ability allow him to summon anything from his coat

He can... Do everything I don't understand help

6 Arahabaki

He's the god of destruction.
He's form has chūya is the only thing that's stopping him from.neing the strongest!

He does not have picture nor instagram and you spelled.neing as.neing which is a correct spelling of.neing and here is a link go to it

7 Arthur Rimbaud Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud (20 October 1854 – 10 November 1891) was a French poet who is known for his influence on modern literature and arts, which prefigured surrealism.
8 Ivan Goncharov

I don't think he "deserves" to be only in 8th place (yeah, at the moment he is in this position). Ivan, Chuuya and Akutagawa are the examples of who can defeat a long-distance attack. If a sniper shoots Ivan he can easily create a wall to block the bullet(s), he can stay in a egg made of rock, he can make rocks floate and rotate like he did in 3rd season to protect himself... And it's quite impossible to bring him in a place where the stone doesn't exist. At least, I don't know if you live in a planet completely made of air, fire, water or something else but you are safe from that Russian.
I finished my reasons, and I'm sorry for my Grammar mistakes. I hope you understood what I tried to say!

He does possess a super powerful ability indeed. He also knows how to use his powers effectively.

9 Atsushi Nakajima

As time progresses I think we will find that Atsushi becomes the strongest character in the series. Aside from his lack of experience (already shown to be growing stronger each season as his experience grows), his only downside is his self image. When he becomes confident in himself I think we will see him merge with the weretiger and become the strongest person in the show.

My fave character but impartially I believe there is room for improvement and overall think with time he will become the strongest character.All he has to do is have a little more fate in himself and train to become more stronger after all he only started learning control not to long,I for one thinks once he learns to control his power he would be unstoppable.I would very much like to see Atsushi bond with the beast within him.

Atsushi may not look strong but give him time he'll be the strongest character soon I mean after all they are making a season 3 which airs in April 2019 I can't wait to see who the new cast will be, and how they will bring the characters to life. Just like the original group.

When he wants too for an all out reason. He's unbeatable. An no akutagawa? That kid is formidable physically and mentally. His only real battle flaw was his dire need for Dasais approval.

10 Ryūnosuke Akutagawa

His ability, as powerful as it already is, has yet more potential. So does his character. If he weren't so mentally unstable, he would easily top this list in my opinion

On par with atsushi

Akutagawa can control his own coat to anything he wishes for it to be. Spear of the port mafua. really strong.

Rashomon will ✨ tear you into pieces ✨

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11 Sakunosuke Oda

His ability is really strong but the other things is his skill as an assassin. If you read the light novel Origin of the Detective Agency: Untold Story.
Even with his eyes blindfolded, he can still shoot precisely at the target. Even putting ability aside, he's still one of the best fighting skill.

His ability is very convenient and powerful. I believe that he is one of the few characters that might be able to defeat Dazai due to the nature of his powers. He is also very wise, calm and collected, which is a plus, though not as cunning as Dazai. Had he been more willing to kill, I'm sure he would have become a Mafia executive.

For the short time he appeared, he was one of the best overall characters in this anime. Trully incredible because of his ability and his attitude and behavior.

Oda should defiantly be number 1 as in Dazai’s own words “he could kill everyone in the port mafia, even me and we wouldn’t be able to do anything”...With an ability that can only be matched by his own ability he should be top tier!

12 Yumeno Kyusaku Q

Mind control is always OP. They had to lock and chain this guy 24/7 to keep him under control

Q should most definitely be higher on the list due to his dangerous ability.

I think he has a weakness that is his durability. Many characters with long-ranged attacks can kill him from afar before his being able to get them to hurt him and meet the requirements for his ability to be able to be activated.

13 Yosano Akiko

She's really strong in hand-to-hand combat. Her ability, Thou Shalt Not Die, is a healing ability, able to heal any fatal injuries, as well as restore body parts, as shown when Kunikida told Atsushi that it's ok even if he lost both his arms because they had Yosano.

Can heal any fatal wounds and has good physical ability.

She is so powerful

14 Kyouka Izumi

Kyouka is scarily strong and mature for her age. She is already capable of rivaling people who are older and more experienced. Can't wait to see the monster of an assassin she grows into.

Demon Snow, a strong ability where she controls a monster. Strong in hand to hand combat too.

her ability is super useful

15 Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald

The amount of wealth he yields translates to his power. At the end of season 2, I'd say he'd be the most powerful, gifted character other than Chuuya and Dazai.

It depends on how much money he's got, but if he is as rich as he was when fighting Atsushi and Akutagawa, he'd be a force to be reckoned with.

I don’t understand how he is this low, he should at LEAST be on par with akutagawa and atsushi because of season 2

16 Edogawa Rampo

Can figure out a solution, he is literally the best detective even without an ability

He can fugure anything within less than seconds

Because he is my bae

he's... smart... his knowledge is a weapon

17 Kenji Miyazawa

He literally can’t take most damage, in combat fights.

He usually has the upper hand in nearly all combat fights.

But he may be but down the list for his personality of being naturally to nice.

Really stong and can take strong hits

18 Kouyou Ozaki

hey ability is just like kyouka's and its super useful

19 Doppo Kunikida

Stronger than Dazai in martial combat since they switched places in one of the fights to specialize based on their strengths. Kunikida took on someone so physically strong that Dazai was getting beaten up.

Has a good ability and great physical strength

20 Ogai Mori

The leader of the port mafia and is “the embodiment of logic” according to Dazai.

21 Edgar Allan Poe

He can take anyone that reads his book into that world, it's a perfect trap.
One's curiosity would peek into the book and with one peek they'd be in Edgars novel, as proof in season 3 where Chuuya almost attacked Ranpo with bunch was blocked by Edgars book and they both dissappeared into the novel.

22 Shizuo Heiwajima

Why the hell is one of the main protagonists of Durarara here?

um did one of his thrown vending machine end up in this fandom?

his fight with mori showed us how strong he is

he beat chuuya in season 2

23 Tetchō Suehiro

He's the strongest Hunting dog soo... Yeah

24 André Gide

He has the ability similar to Odasaku's, along with great leadership skills and his considerable shooting skills.

25 Saigiku Jouno
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