Top 10 Most Powerful Characters In Injustice

The Top Ten

1 Superman

His attacks are some the most powerful and if we are including the story, he is by far the most powerful one

Freeze breath is op

Has awesome Super skills literally (Depends on which superman) 1. Superman:Super Speed that lasts for seconds when his health reaches 20%2. Superman Regime:Super Strength that lasts for seconds when 20% health is reached. 3. Superman Man of Steel:Flying Blows A 30% chance to regain power instantly after doing a special not a super attack 4. Superman Godfall:Power of Kandor when blocking basic attacks it harms supermans opponent.5. ,Superman Prison: Super Health when health reaches 20% superman regains health at an extreme rate for seconds. Superman Redson: Streangth bonuses provide Streangth for supermans teammates.

2 Doomsday

"Doomsday besides being one of the strongest gold characters he has an insane cool skill were each knockout he deals he gains half his health also known as the Hero Killer.

First of all, his Special Attack is the coolest of them all and he is good for most of the reasons that Bane is strong

I mean who doesn't want. Character that can crush superman, looks awesome, and has an insane super attack

3 Batman

His attacks are fast but powerful and his circle attack is really annoying

There are many different batman characters but batman arkahm origins is my favorite because his skill is that he has two bars of power At a start of a match

4 Bane

Bane has attacks are as powerful as Superman's and his size and the fact that he can throw any interactive object like it's nothing

5 Green Lantern

His attacks are by far the most cool looking and he is has one of the best special attacks you can get

A wide range of inventive attacks which are good up close and far away Not to mention his super attack which is very OP.

6 Ares

He is a god! What more do you need?!

7 Black Adam

His electric orb power is sooo annoying and his lightning powers are very powerful

8 Nightwing

His circle attack is cool because he can transform his ninja sticks into a staff and his attacks are also the most fluent

9 Deathstroke

For one, he has an array of guns that can have any use, his sword is a powerful and has many ways to use it, and his quick shots can push back any forces

10 Flash

Metahumans speed is dumb op

The flash gets the fastest attacks in the game for a reason[he is The Flash] and despite his useless circle attack, he is still a good character

The Contenders

11 Harley Quinn
12 Wonder Woman

Good ability and moves

13 Kripto Lex Luther
14 Shazam
15 Green Arrow
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