Nazi Germany


Nazi Germany had many racist and bad laws...but however, they remained a thriving world power entering World War II. The Nazis had kicked Soviets off modern Europe and they also attacked Ethiopia. They had naval control through U-Boats, which dominated the Atlantic and made many naval victories possible for the Nazis. They also had aerial control by their air forces, one of which is the infamous Luftwaffe. There is a fact that the Nazis would have conquered the Soviet Union and the world is USA hadn't joined in when the Japanese Empire mistakenly attacked Pearl Harbor- thinking US as an easy target. USA then joined Britain, which was in bad shape and losing money, resources, and people to the German Luftwaffe, and joined up with the Soviet Union, whose good luck, winter, was driving the Nazis back from their important cities. Nazi Germany had hordes of advanced technology, and made missiles, and would have gained control over the atomic bomb. -Anonymous

Although Germany was undoubtedly a military power, they actually lacked a lot that would make it the most powerful in the world. The military was actually not advanced at all. This is a myth caused by Nazi propaganda at the time. The British army was actually the most modern and best equipped in the world. British artillery were towed by trucks, whereas the Germans were towed mostly by horse. France matched Germany in terms of divisions, and the Royal Navy was vastly superior. The Luftwaffe boasted it was the largest air force in the world, when that was far from the case.

These guys were pretty dominate considering how many different countries they were fighting at the same time. The USA would have lost very fast if it was a 1vs1 battle against germany during that period. German engineering and scientiests were far superior to that of the USA. They we're developing amazing weapons for the time like the ballistic missile which nobody came close to making and did this while their country and factory was under constant air bombardment. The USA did come up with the first atomic bomb but lets not forget that it was a German jewish refugee Albert Einstein who was its main creator. Because of Hitler's hateful policies germany lost access to the first nuke. They would have had the first nuclear tipped ballistic missle which would mean world domination.

Even by the end of the war (late 44 & early 45) the Germans - particularly the elite German units - had retained a tactical and operational advantage that amazed their enemies on the battlefield. Man-for-man, the German soldier had also outclassed his enemies, even in this late stage of the war. It is often said that if Germany had matched up against any other single power, that powers' military would have been decisively wiped out. It is also often said (by the likes of Dr. Robert Citino) that if the German high command had focused only on one of its three 1943 Soviet objectives rather than splitting the forces up (Leningrad, Moscow & Caucasus) they would have taken at least one of those three war goals, which could have had a profound impact on the war.

I love Nazi. Bad that they executed millions of jews but of course less or more it had a reason. Hitler was the only one who controlled everything. Think about how genius and powerful this guy was. I wish he was alive. It would be a massive honour to meet him.

Germany's outstanding recovery from depression and development in military infrastructure has led germany's victory in early phases of war

I am German and we are ashamed of our Nazi past. We were too powerful at the time, nationalism was building up so we had to be put in place I guess... now we are a democracy and good country

Heil Hitler. No doubt that Germany was the most powerful nation in the world due to Hitler's dictatorship.

Germany was dominating the reason they lost is because they were fighting on 2 fronts with no allies except japan but that was 8,911 km away and that in a different continent they had no way to help because there navy was getting destroyed and they were losing land

Nazi Germany's able military, brilliant military doctrine and strategies, tactical formations, well-disciplined army, and superior technological capacity undoubtly gave its fighting edge and advantage in the war.

Even though I'm anti Nazi, these facts were true. - Bauhaus

After the devestation of the first World War, Germany went through an interesting time and emerged the most powerful nation of it's time. Despite not having the largest army it had the best equipped army, the best trained army and of course the most motivated army (and of course the best military leaders of the time commanding it e.g Erwin Rommel). Germany's navy was well built but did not have the strength to truly challenge the British Navy. Germany also had the edge that it rearmed earlier then countries like Britain and a large population (which would eventually contribute to a huge army at its' peak - 6.500.000 troops in 1943).
Germany of course had the best technology with the Panzer being constructed of quality materials and proving the Sherman was no match for it (since the Sherman was a light-medium tank and was used most effectively against the Japanese in the Pacific Theatre).

Nazi germany fought the whole world

Germany was the #1 power from 1938-1943 they were not the strongest when it came to the Navy but no other country could compare to their army or air force, plus the Germans Decisively defeated poland and france. A average navy prevented the Germans from invading england, and allied support prevented russia from colapsing in 1941-1942, the germans deliverd crushing blows to both countries. After the defeat of Italy in mid-1943 it would be 3 against 1 (europe) (the USA, Great Britain, and USSR) vs. Germany and it would take 2 years for these 3 to take out the 1

Germany was the best super power of the whole ww2 because the beat countries in weeks(Poland and France with Britain help) they were able to hold a defensive line for the greatest amount of time possible. Gave allies trouble when the allies should have stormed through Germany

I heard the Nazis were actually pretty cool and definitely not anti-Semitic.

The overpowered dictatorship by it self was astonishing. Nazi germany was the most powerful during world war 2 it had superiority in its military economically and its people's loyalty to it. This gave huge advantages over other countries even though the countries that was allied with it were weak. it held it held its own against powerful allied countries such as U.K., U.S. and Soviet Union it held awhile until Hitler's decision of only having the 8th army to attack Stalingrad. But in a nutshell for its time it was the most powerful country.

The Nazi military was far superior than any nation in the world at that time. The evidence shows on how quickly it took them to dominate Europe. It took them less than six weeks to conquer Poland, Denmark,Norway,Belgium,Netherlands, and France. They also pulverised the British army in the process. They have even been seen defeating super-powers

They might have bad plans,but their weapons and tactics are good for war.

If the Germans didn't fight in ww2 the Nazi Germany would be the current strongest country

It takes a lot of strenght to be able to take on almost the entire world basically on your own, and have as much succes as the Germans had during the war.

Nazi germany had the best weapons and after only a few months defeted france and poland, while britian soon was out of money

Definitely not, lots of incorrect facts here. In my opinion the Nazis only survived till 1945 because of refusal to surrender, they lacked the oil and other general supplies to fuel their armies. A German soldier's only source of ammo for the majority of the war was the bullets of their dead comrades. Hitler's military incompetence also put the Nazis behind their enemies in terms of military prowess. With a civilian economy, outnumbered five to one, overstretched and undersupplied, the Wehrmacht would be on the losing side for the entirety of the war post El Alamein. But they had still come a long way since the twenties. For sure, #3 behind USA and USSR...

And shut up neo-nazis

No, they had very highly trained soldiers, and only in 1944 did they start to lose. And the neo nazi statement is so unnecessary - SoldierOfFortune

Nazis Had a HUGE military a Lot of military spending an ally with Japan,Italy,Romania etc It was to get Germany out of depression inn ww1 but In ww2 their military was in PERFECT condition and the economy was 2nd influential.