Top Ten Most Powerful Dragon Ball Z Attacks

The Top Ten

1 Kamehameha 
2 Big Bang Kamehameha
3 Destructo Disc

Except for the krillin one

4 Galick Gun

Both are good

5 Spirit Bomb
6 Big Bang


7 Final Kamehameha
8 Masenko 

His Masenko is epic

Gohan is a bland character but his Masenko

9 Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack
10 Special Beam Canon

Extraordinary epic

The Contenders

11 Self Destruct 
12 Tri Beam Ray

Lame and is not correct

13 Final Flash
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1. Spirit Bomb
2. Big Bang Kamehameha
3. Self Destruct 
1. Spirit Bomb
2. Final Kamehameha
3. Kamehameha 


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