Most Powerful Dragon Ball Z, GT, and Battle of Gods Characters

Now, that there is a new Dragon Ball film that adds the data to the most powerful character, the list have changed. So, I made this one based on the logical explanations.

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1 Whis Whis

Whis is the trainer of the God of Destruction and strongest in the Universe! He can wipe out Omega Shenron and ssj4 Gogeta in a minute!

He is the strongest character in DBZ. He is also stronger than Bills that can destroy the universe.

Whis cannot even turn back 1 hour I not wanna be a spoiler but later their more stronger character the new future

He can destroy 13 universe in just a minute

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2 Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta

I Feel Like he's Only Under Zeno And He May Be Grand Level Although that's Pushing It A Bit

He can do 100 times big bang kamehameha imagine double super saiyan 4 fused it like 8 times super saiyan

Oh wow, you haven't basically stolen my list have you? Battle of Gods counts as DBZ, so this list shouldn't be allowed just because you've included Battle of Gods in the title. Sorry pal, but this list is mine. I made it a while ago. - EvilAngel

Hahaaha. This dude is by far not the strongest

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3 Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta

Incredibly powerful but weaker than Goku.

He will kill dem fools

Ssj4 Goku mora powerful than SSJG

Strongest in the anime & DC & marvel

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4 Super Saiyan God Goku

He is probably equal to omega shenron, but since he is only a temporary transformation, we don't know the exact quantitative score of how strong he is.

If vegeta and Goku fused in this form they could take out anybody on this list and just one wiped the floor for golden Frieza

He should be stronger than bills because. He's only the hero of dbz he is the strongest guy in universe

He's superf cool

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5 SSGSS Vegeta

Best of the best. He transformed into a god himself

Epic. The theater went crazy when Vegeta made his transformation and he should've been the one to kill Frieza.

Ssjgssj vegeta is much stronger than you folks think. I was amazed at his confidence and knowledge in his god power in Resurrection F. It was a great movie and most of all it displayed the fact that vegeta is the true satan prince!

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6 Bills/Beerus

Beerus is stronger then super saiyan vegito... Times change. He could easily wipe them out with one punch even...He is the new level cap in Dragon Ball Super, the new dragon ball! Everyone there is Much Much stronger now since they need to keep going with the franchise.

Bills is stronger then super saiyan god Goku and super saiyan vegito he should be on number 3.

He is stronger than Omega Shenron because Omega was defeated by a spirit bomb that got the energy from the entire universe, but Bills scould survive that because he has the ability to destroy the universe.

Beerus needs to be 2nd, if we're not counting Vados,Zeno and the grand priest, or that new guy who can apparently beat him in super, but we don't know anything about him yet
regardless, beerus is great

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7 Super Saiyan 4 Goku

Stronger than Baby and Nuova Shenron. He is also stronger than Vegeta.

8 Super Saiyan Vegito

I think he can beat lots of dragon ball people.

Stronger than gogeta hands down

Used to be the strongest character from DBZ, and still pretty strong.

Vegito is the ultimate warrior. In the manga whis or ssj god does not exist so he should be number one. 😡 Vegito is the strongest!

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9 Majin Vegeta V 2 Comments
10 Zeno

Most powerful in dbz and is the ruler of the 12 universe and can wipe out anything if he thinks it

He is definitively the most powerful being in the omniverse, why is he not no. 1, it's 100% canon that he is the strongest

He should be stronger than whis because he is god of everything

The most powerful being in existence (depends on if AT's own character is allowed in the list.)
Powerful enough to destroy all 12 remaining universes in Future Trunks' timeline, with a single attack and remain alive as the last existing thing in the universe.

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The Contenders

11 Super Baby Vegeta

In the ape form, he can demolish Goku!

12 Omega Shenron Omega Shenron

Omega shenron wouldn't last one punch from base form goku in dragon ball super

Defeats SSJ 4 Goku, incredibly powerful.

Yeah right. This non canon idiot is DEAD at the hands of canon Vegeta...easily disposed of by anyone good and CANON

He is stronger than whis and bills

13 Trunks Trunks Trunks (トランクス, Torankusu) is the first Earthling and Saiyan hybrid son of Bulma and Vegeta, and the older brother of Bulla .

Trunks might have just made it to the number 5 spot with his new form

14 Super Saiyan 2 Teen Gohan Full Power V 2 Comments
15 SSGSS Goku

Goku is way stronger than vegeta and vegeta admit's that Goku is stronger than him and vegeta was fighting a weakened freeza.

I do think that goku has a lot of power and should be number 3 on this list right under were beerus should be

I like Goku when he is serious at fighting like when he was ssj. He rather acted too funnily while as ssjgssj which made me lose my opinion on him and moreover his transformation was less celebrated than Friezas dumb golden form.

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16 Broly Broly

Imagine what happens if Broly trains like Goku...

He should at least be second on this list... Whis being first, because Whis can turn back time

Even the creators admitted that, in Broly's first movie, they made Goku defeat Broly inorder to end the movie. 'If it was a real fight he would definitely have killed them all'.

Broly is the strongest saiyan according to the creator of dbz

Why is broly not on the list? - Jayce1992

Broly power maximum

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17 Vados Vados

Whis stronger than Goku and Vados trained Whis

If trained whis then she should be strongest obviously

She's Whis's elder sister. She used to be Whis's martial arts teacher and trained him 1000 years ago and is a bit stronger than him. The only reason she's not that high on this list is because of sexism ( she's a GIRL in a shonen series ).

Lets be realistic here this list was made by someone who dose not watch this show at all cause if they did she would be number 3 on this list number 1 being zeno number 2 being zenos attendant the high priest and then vados

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18 Mystic Gohan

Also with goten also being half human half saying he could easily have the same if not more potential than gohan or trunks

Mystic gohan...seriously.Wait! Did his mystic powers take a vacation in Resurrection F? Huh? Answer Me Akira Toriyama. He was so cool as Ultimate but he did turn pilot to become a weakling like Goten didn't he?

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19 Super Android 17

He is a dumbest. Died of only a blow in the stomach. He is one heck of an idiot I can say.

A BLOW TO THE STOMACH?!?!?! That's one of Goku's strongest attacks, Dragon Fist. - Goku02

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20 Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan

I was the person who got him here. And I'm not talking about just one Ssgss, we are talking about Goku and vegeta

If Beerus can take down Gotenks so easily he is probably strong enough to take down Vegito easily because Gogeta is as strong as Vegito and since Gogeta is basically adult Gotenks Beerus wins. Since Ssgss is probably around 80 percent of Beerus's power Ssgss Goku could one shot Vegito. Also we have Ssgss Vegeta and since he and Goku have almost the same power level they would demolish Beerus or even Whis or Vados.

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