Most Powerful Dragon Ball Z, GT, and Battle of Gods Characters

Now, that there is a new Dragon Ball film that adds the data to the most powerful character, the list have changed. So, I made this one based on the logical explanations.

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21 Majin Vegeta

He's the best.

My favorite charecter

22 Super Saiyan 5 Bardock

What the he'll is a super satan 5?!

This isn't a thing

You can just give up.

If Bardock gets sent back in time by frieza than lived all the way back to his timeline then get set back in time again and that keeps repeating forever he would be ssj99999999999999999...
He is the strongest

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23 Vados Vados

Whis stronger than Goku and Vados trained Whis

If trained whis then she should be strongest obviously

She's Whis's elder sister. She used to be Whis's martial arts teacher and trained him 1000 years ago and is a bit stronger than him. The only reason she's not that high on this list is because of sexism ( she's a GIRL in a shonen series ).

Lets be realistic here this list was made by someone who dose not watch this show at all cause if they did she would be number 3 on this list number 1 being zeno number 2 being zenos attendant the high priest and then vados

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24 Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan

I was the person who got him here. And I'm not talking about just one Ssgss, we are talking about Goku and vegeta

If Beerus can take down Gotenks so easily he is probably strong enough to take down Vegito easily because Gogeta is as strong as Vegito and since Gogeta is basically adult Gotenks Beerus wins. Since Ssgss is probably around 80 percent of Beerus's power Ssgss Goku could one shot Vegito. Also we have Ssgss Vegeta and since he and Goku have almost the same power level they would demolish Beerus or even Whis or Vados.

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25 Goten Goten

He's the youngest Super Saiyan ever, the great Goku's son and Gohan's beloved brother, the cutest being in the entire universe, adorable and really powerful. What's more could you want?


Epic fail.

26 Goku End of GT

You are forgetting the part at the end of gt when Goku is holding the red staff, he is number 1 at first I thought yea no one can defeat whis until I saw this over a 100 year time period Goku power level is 287.720 duodecillion (insane)

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27 Hirudegarn
28 Yamucha

He should be way lower than Mr. SATAN


29 Master Roshi Master Roshi
30 Uub Uub

Man he is the best he even dodged goku kamehameha like it was nothing at all and struck back with combo of punches and kicks and they got so injured that they were barely walking so I think he should be in top 5

31 Broly Broly

Imagine what happens if Broly trains like Goku...

He should at least be second on this list... Whis being first, because Whis can turn back time

Even the creators admitted that, in Broly's first movie, they made Goku defeat Broly inorder to end the movie. 'If it was a real fight he would definitely have killed them all'.

Broly is the strongest saiyan according to the creator of dbz

Why is broly not on the list? - Jayce1992

Broly power maximum

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32 Mr. Satan Mr. Satan

Mr. Satan is the greatest martial artist in the world, he defeated cell and buu no problem. Hands down mr satan is # 1. If whis attacked mr satan, why it would be the biggest mistake of his life. Mr satan would use his delayed punch attack like he did on android 18. MR SATAN IS UNRIVALED!

He is a punk a lier and he has a power level of 73

He is by far the most coolest character in dbz. I bet he can wipe bills and whis out in a second(not! ).

33 Tori-Bot

He created all of this, show some respect. - PauloJ

34 SSJ Bardock

I love ssj bardock

35 Super Android 17

He is a dumbest. Died of only a blow in the stomach. He is one heck of an idiot I can say.

A BLOW TO THE STOMACH?!?!?! That's one of Goku's strongest attacks, Dragon Fist. - Goku02

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36 Larry Bustgun

Larry should be th

37 Super Buu (Gohan Absorbed)

Can regenerate and has a lot of power. Only was defeated by Vegeto. Can beat ss3.

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38 Cell Cell Cell is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball series by Akira Toriyama. He is the main antagonist of the Android Saga, being an android/artificial life form from the future, whose goal is to become "perfect" via absorbing Androids 17 and 18 and becoming the strongest fighter in the universe.
39 Tien Tien
40 Super Saiyan Gogeta

He started the most one-sided fight in dbz history. And it was against all of the PURE EVIL in the GALAXY.
That definitely is a feat

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