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1 Espeon Espeon

Espeon is the best a really cool and skilled Pokemon I love her

I love future sight!

Super strong

Cool and epiuc moves that could take down probably absol. I love her!

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2 Vaporeon Vaporeon

#1 espeon is the weakest


I understand that Vaporeon would lose to Umbreon but I love Vaporeon and is an elegant eeveelution. No stupid Sylveon. Vaporeon=female, jolteon=male, flareon=male, espeon=female, umbreon=male, leafeon=female, glaceon=female, sylveon= male (manly man wear pink! )

With the right moves and items, Vaporeon can take down any eeveelution. Even arcues - nintendofan126

3 Umbreon Umbreon

Umbreon can defeat arceus with the correct move set and with the defense

Umbreon's cool and it has many attacks that are useful

How the heck did umbreon get up here!? He's not very good in battle I'm afraid.

Umbreon is the srongest and looks really cool. In the Indigo League Gary owns an Umbreon. Gary had the best trained eevee so the evolution (eeveelution) of that strong eevee must be the srongest of all its evolutions

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4 Jolteon Jolteon

This thing a beast you need speed and special rI got moves and sure it's a glass cannon but makes up for it with blinding speed and pretty high special along with what I think a pretty great move pool

Jolteon can outspeed any eeveelution so he can easily defeat Flareon and Vaporeon (even though Vaporeon is my second favorite pokemon next to Umbreon)

It to good for the others

Es uno de mis pokémon tipo eléctrico favorito, tiene una gran velocidad y buen ataque especial. Suficiente para mi

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5 Sylveon Sylveon Sylveon is a fictional creature in the Pokemon Franchise. Introduced in Gen 6, it is a Fairy type Pokemon, and one of the many evolved forms of Eevee. It was one of the first Fairy Pokemons revealed, although its typing was not shown till later. Classified as the Intertwining Pokemon, Sylveon has ribbon-like more.

Elegant but strong Sylveon is strong with fairy wind as its trademark move. I rate it number1

Sylveon fan right here yo

Sylveon for the win

Actually, based on math, Sylveon is proven to be the best eeveelution. Coming down to stats, abilities, possible movesets, and predictability, Sylveon wins most of them. With it's high Sp. Atk, if you don't counter it straight away, Sylveon can become a huge sweeper. Not to mention it has access to Shadow Ball, countering many ghost types such as Gengar. While also being able to use Iron Tail, taking down most other fairies. Not to mention stab Moonblast and regaining health with Draining Kiss, Sylveon is a beast.

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6 Flareon Flareon

He has the highest attack stat, he should be at the top if this is the most powerful eeveelutions

Very strong attacker

7 Glaceon Glaceon

I have a great deal of the day

I love her she's so cool

8 Leafeon Leafeon

The underrating is extreme - Stalchi

Leafeon for the win! - Unharmless

9 Latios Latios


10 Rockruff Rockruff


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11 Eevee Eevee Eevee, known in Japan as Eievui, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Eevee is my all time favorite and I have all the stuffed Eevee and evolutions. I would have them all if I was a Pokémon trainer

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