Most Powerful Fusion Characters In Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT


The Top Ten

1 SSJ4 Gogeta
2 Super Vegito

Vegito Is The Strongest Fusion More Stronger and Powerful than Gogeta

3 Super Android 17
4 Super Gogeta

Super Gogeta is definitely stronger than super 17

5 Base form Vegito
6 SSJ3 Gotenks
7 SSJSSG Vegito
8 Gotenks Gotenks
9 Blue Vegito
10 Raghu SSJ 10000

Who is this? Neither have I heard orbit nor do I like the fusion name and nor does that super satan level exist. Totally irrelevant. - LightningBlade

The Contenders

11 Buhan
12 Aka
13 Majuub
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