Top Ten Most Powerful Greek Gods and Goddesses


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1 Poseidon

He is the best

Science: kids! most of the world is water! we drink it, we are even made of it (look it up, I am not even joking)!
so kids, that means who controls it? POSEIDON

Poseidon is the lord of seas his trident is the most power weapon... If Poseidon decides to fight with all his might he will always be equal to zeus

Poseidons trident is the best and even Poseidon is very strong

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2 Zeus

He can make any god mortal and is the king of them all

He is the most powerful period.

3 Hades
4 Athena

Athena, brainiac, smart, incredibly awesome. That sums it up, right?

5 Apollo
6 Aphrodite

Nothing is more powerful than love

7 Demeter

I really really like herr

8 Artemis
9 Hephaestus

Hephaestus is a black smith he created all the gods weapons including Poseidon's trident and more than powerful enough the destroy Zeus

10 Ares

I think this god should be ranked higher than Poseidon

The Contenders

11 Dionysus
12 Hera

Aphrodite more powerful than Hera? I'm thinking What.. Haha. Good judgment though. Just Hermes and Hera... Need to be higher up

I don't approve that Hera is not higher up. Haha

13 Hermes

He is awesome and cool

14 Hecate
15 Hercules

Isn’t he a demigod? Hera was mad because Zeus had him with someone else.

16 Hestia

She is the first ever GOD and she is super powerful


17 Nike

Athena and Aphrodite's closest friend and the goddess of victory

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1. Zeus
2. Poseidon
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1. Zeus
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3. Poseidon


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