Nagato Is the Most Powerful Character

Guys here are the facts straight:

1. You like someone doesn't mean that he'll win.. So be honest.

2. Nagato is probably the most powerful character in anime. He can use all 6 paths that too at a much higher level than the 6 paths simultaneously. He can devour souls, bring back life without sacrificing any life unlike edo tensei, he can push or pull not only physical but also ninjutsu, can do very large animal summonings, does mechanical armour summonings, resurrect his paths.

3. He has madara's rinnegan which is evlolution of his eternal mangekyou. Meaning most powerful doujutsu in the world.

4. He create any jutsu when he was just 10 and all elements. Even madara can use only 3 elements-fire, earth and water.

5. Has lot of chakra and huge life force. Defeated 4 naruto sage modes, nuked konoha, killed all konoha ninja, including jiraya and kakashi. Fought kyuubi and would have captured kyuubi if 4th hadnt interfered & sealed it. Brought back all konoha villagers and ninja back to life using his remaining chakra. Even madara has not this much chakra in real. He was able to defeat 5 kages only because he has unlimited chakra in edo tensei.

6. While in edo tensei, he fights easily both naruto bijuu mode and bee hachiibi mode and is winning while itachi stabs him in the back with his sword. He was controlled so couldn't see as kabuto couldn't anticipate.

7. Naruto hasn't beat nagato. Naruto just beat his 6 paths which is a "technique". Besides nagato became good in the end and sacrificed his life because he used up all his remaining chakra in bringing back all konoha to life.

8. I like itachi, but sorry itachi stands no chance against even pain tendo, let alone nagato. And Madara may defeat all 6 paths but can't defeat Nagato. He's invincible.


Now that the anime and manga has continued with the story do you still say that. Some of us knew he wasn't the strongest whether we liked him or not - visitor

Referring to the new chapter we can see that madara is more powerful than nagato - visitor

I totally agree.
Tendo pain was enough to whipe out all Jounin of Konoha and Konoha Gakure itself. - visitor

Well given that in some of the chapters Madara uses something that allows him to pull meteorites from the atmosphere while in his ado tensei state, Nagato before reanimation would not be able to beat him. but after being reanimated and getting full strength he would be able to defeat Madara as long as he is not being controlled by Kabuto. but when Madara has the tentails and absorbs the shinju tree Nagato would lose big time sadly. Nagato is my favorite char. not for looks but power and personality. ok a little looks. but Naruto is the Hottest and can be uke or seme. - visitor