Top Ten Most Powerful Ninjas In Naruto Shippuden

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1 Naruto Uzumaki Naruto Uzumaki is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

He was able to take down 5 of the tailed beasts which even madara could not do it or anyone the best with kurama if he had full power of kurama he would be stronger than the first hokage.

Will the hero ever lose to anyone? Ponder on the thought, other characters may be better thought of (itachi) but naruto can never lose

He mastered Sage jutsu ( Jiraiya even couldn't ) He mastered controlling the nine tails chakra, He has developed several techniques adding to the Rasengan, Due to the nine tails he heals faster than others, The Sage of the Six paths gave him power adding to his strength, He has a lot of stamina along with chakra, He can use the Nine tails chakra to create numerous shadow clones thus enabling him to learn Jutsu/Technique faster than the average shinobi, And plus, he was meant to be the strongest Hero in the Anime so yeah

He is super strong can counter attack five tailed beast bomb by himself with kurama and that's that.

2 Itachi Uchiha Itachi Uchiha is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

As far as I remember Itachi had never been defeated. He let Sasuke kill him, because various reasons (making him seem like a hero, and giving him closure in his revenge, which motivated him his entire life etc.). I think that when measuring who is the strongest shinobi it's not just about jutsus and chakra etc. but rather about cleverness. Itachi might not have that huge amount of chakra as Naruto or Hagoromo but would still win in a fight against them. He utilizes his enemies weak points, has perfect understanding of both of their abilities and the battlefield, thus he is able to construct a battle plan. Once you're caught in his genjutsu there's really no escape anyway..

He would've easily been able to beat sasuke if he had not been super sick during the fight. He also shows his amazing intelligence with being able to beat Kabuto and overcome the reanimation jutsu. His visual prowess is just incredible and had the best Susanoo of all. He beat Orochimaru in his true form and sealed him away and almost killed Deidera without moving and only using his eyes. The complete character.

Itachi is this high!?!? Are you kidding me?!? Tons of other characters lower on this list far surpass him like Madara Uchiha. Even though he was sick during his fight with Sasuke, Sasuke probably would've almost won had it been fair. By the end of the entire series, Sasuke has become stronger than almost everyone.

Has the best susanoo (totsuka blade yata no mirror), tops his class and graduates from academy at 7 masters sharingan at 8,becomes chunin at 10, becomes youngest anbu ever that too at age of eleven and becomes anbu captain at age of 13 of course he is the strongest uchiha and the strongest shinobi ever even shisui admitted that itachi would have defeated him if he was not lost in thoughts.

3 Madara Uchiha Madara Uchiha (うちはマダラ, Uchiha Madara) was the legendary leader of the Uchiha clan. He founded Konohagakure alongside his rival, Hashirama Senju, with the intention of beginning an era of peace. When the two couldn't agree on how to achieve that peace, they fought for control of the village, more.

Is this a joke or what!
He has to be first!
Main villain. Rinnegan and sharingan full controll awakened by himself. Second sage if the six paths. Perfect susanoo. Best fire jutsu. Ten tails jinchiriki. Endless power. Come on I can't fix it in words. Be smart and think. Madara is the strongest ninja believe it or go hell

Beast. Pawned the Five Kages almost without problems, then came to pawn Naruto, Bee, Kakashi and Guy. After Obito is defeated, he is revived and once again pawns the Allied Forces and takes every Bijū in meres seconds. I mean, come on, who else can do that?

He was the most powerful human(shinobi) and comes after sage of six paths.
Only darkness lead him the wrong way otherwise the best shinobi.

He can use all the most powerful jutsus on the anime, all the techniques of the sharingan and rinnegan with a very good speed, a very good taijutsu, the best genjutsu (tsukoyomi) and the best ninjutsu... Incredible

4 Sasuke Uchiha Sasuke Uchiha is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Although he's a "genius", a majority of his power comes from the curse mark. He DID NOT kill Itachi, luckily Itachi was very sick which made it easier to fight with him. Sasuke didn't do the finishing blow, Itachi had a disease and collapsed (just to clear that up.) His power is equal to Naruto's. He's lucky he is from the Uchiha clan and without his eternal mangeko sharingan, rinnengan, and curse mark, he's toast.

Sasuke is only strong because of the cursed mark. Without it, Sasuke would have died pretty early in the series. So if we compare personal powers, he couldn't have come close to beating Itachi.

Sasuke is the most powerful ninja than Naruto sasuke is best his eternel mangekyo sharingan and rinnegan. His susanoo shield is so powerful. I see the spirit on sasuke. One day sasuke will become hokage because sasuke has the true power of shinobi and ninja.

Sasuke is MUCH stronger than Naruto and Itachi, he's killed Itachi. he's a legend. With his rinnegan he is unstoppable!

5 Sage of Six Paths

How is naruto stronger than him? Six sage gave naruto the Tenseigan and if not for him giving Naruto and Sasuke the seal Kaguya would have enslaved everyone in the infinite Tsukoyomi, kids just jumping on the band wagon. Kaguya should've been one and six sage 2 followed by hashirama and Madara tied 3rd

He have the powers of shinju, and he was the one who gived the Yin and Yang for Naruto and sasuke, so he can EASILY defeat then all, otherwise he is the god shinobi, able to defeat Shinju.

He should be number two and his mom 1

Well he is supposed to be the second

6 Minato Namikaze Minato Namikaze was the fourth Hokage of Village Hidden in the Leafs and the man responsible for sealing the nine-tailed demon fox inside Naruto Uzumaki when he was born. Doing so cost him his life, and before dying he asked that the villagers not see Naruto as the monster within him, instead wanting more.

What the Hell's going in?!, how come minato is only added to to the list right now, the is one of the strongest ninjas ever, I mean ever and people compare him with hashirama.. He wiped out an entire platoon! In seconds! And was nicknamed yellow flash because he was so fast all you could see was a yellow flash due to his hair being blond,... In the ninja war, when he came to aid to leafs front battle he asked his remaining soldiers to throw some kunais all around and when asked why and another guy answered saying "shut up, you might see the yellow flash in action! Whatever you do don't blink or you've missed it", he took out a 1000 hidden stones soldiers at that time in mere seconds using FLYING THUNDER GOD technique, he was one of the main reasons leaf has a peace treaty with other villages because they were scared of him, when he took down the 1000 stone soldiers, I prompted the stones kage to get in peace with the leaf... HE IS THE FASTEST SHINOBI IN THE WORLD!, and even the ya the ...more

Minato could have been the strongest ninja ever, if Kishimoto did justice to his character. Jiraya, Tsunade, Sandaime, they all said that he was an exceptional ninja. His capacity for jutsus, potential as a shinobi and intellegence were uncomparable. Jiraya said that "shinobi like Minato are born once in century".
Minato was the fastest ever.

Minato is stronger than Naruto his teleportation are just to awesome and he is very smart

Yeah Minato's pretty strong... I wish he hadn't died though!

7 Kakashi Kakashi Hatake is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto. In the story, Kakashi is the teacher of Team 7, consisting of the series' primary characters, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno.

First of all he is in the bingo book. Second of all he became hokage which must mean something. It was said by tsunade and jiraiya that he was one of konoha's strongest ninja ever produced. People like pain saw him as a major threat, he fought evenly with obito who was "comparable to madara",and most of all he could threaten and harm kaguya otsutsuki who is described as "an essential god".

He's strong but overrated. Many characters that are WAY stronger than him are below on this list. Also he's more at an experienced jonin level rather than kage.

If you have read the final chapters of the manga, you will know why he is (or was till he got both sharingans) became the strongest character in the series.

Although once he lost his Sharingan I think he shouldn't be in sixth.

8 Gaara Gaara is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto. He is the jinchuuriki of the one-tailed shukaku and can control sand that is stored in his gourd.

Garra can beat the 4th kazekage and became the fifth way sooner that Naruto. In two years, he made friends and is the kazekage

His ultimate defense is not better than sasuke but is also a attack

Lee almost beat him, and Lee isn't on this list. That's all I'm saying.

Gaara should be in the top ten!

9 Hashirama Senju Hashirama Senju is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto. He was a legendary shinobi, who led the Senju clan prior to and after forming Konohagakure with his rival, Madara Uchiha. After the founding of Konoha, he became the First Hokage.

He is God of shinobi. He defeated madara and kurama at a time. He has a unique wood style and most powerful chakra. He was able to heal himself without any sign. He must be on the top. #1

He defeated madara and Nine tail all by himself. After stealing his cells, white jutsu was formed. He is the strongest. Others just got power for granted or by some experiments.

Hashirama should be number 1! Without Kurama Naruto isn't as strong. Hashirama doesn't need a tailed beast to kick any ones ass! He defeated Madara; what else needs to be said?

Hashirama should be top 3, if not #1. He is the character Naruto was reincarnated after and is regarded as the strongest hokage that lived. If Naruto is #1, Hashirama has to be #2!

10 Jiraiya Jiraiya is a fictional character in the Naruto anime and manga series created by Masashi Kishimoto. Introduced in the series' first part, he was a student of Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi and one of the three "Legendary Sannin" along with Orochimaru and Lady Tsunade, his former teammates.

Why is he on Top 10? He was taught by the 3rd Hokage and the teacher of Yahiko, Nagato, Konan, Jiraiya (The 4th Hokage) and Naruto (The 7th Hokage). He is one of "The 3 Legendary Ninjas" which means that he is a strong ninja.

He should be in at least in the top 10
He has very strong erth and fire attacks in edition to the sinjetsu and forgs power... that make him undefeated!
Of course Bein was one of his kind but even itachi and kisami was afraid to face him and admitted that even together they can't defeat him

Legendary he was legendary he is and legendary he ever will be because he is jiraiya one of the legendary sanin and we all know that is was on a whole different level.

He nearly managed to beat sage of six paths but didn't. He should be under the position of nagato

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11 Kaguya Otsutsuki Kaguya Otsutsuki is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Having consumed the fruit of the God Tree, Kaguya achieved such unrivalled power that she was able to pacify the war-torn world all by herself, leading the people to worship her in fear.
I mean, WHAT?!

Powerful than Naruto and everyone don't believe me search it up

Stop a world war by herself and can kill everyone on this list

Can kill everyone on this list.

12 Sasori Sasori is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Not that strong, but can match up to a hokage

13 Tsuande

She is the worlds strongest konoichi and it's best medical nin. She is very smart. She is kind and she life to protect the people she loves. She is selfless.
I don't care if she used some kind of jutsu or enything, she looks awesome. She is a beautiful women. And just perfect. She is a very strong Naruto character and just because she is a women, people call her stupid and weak. I'm sure people do it because they are annoyed how someone can be human like! And perfect at the same time, and they are not.
Ps:Her body is perfect as well.

She has the power to heal herself without using hand signs, making her almost immortal in combat. It was said that because of her, konoha won the second World War because of her. As she was healing her comrades while fighting at the front lines. Also ahe is a senju, first granddaughter of Hashirama "the God shinobi". She inherit hashirama's healing and monstrous strength.

Lol, whoever added her to this list misspelled her name. (Tsunade)

She's strong, but more of a defense ninja.

14 Captian Yamato

He can use wood style jutsu which can only use by the first hokage.

15 Obito Uchiha Tobi is a fictional character from the Naruto universe created by Masashi Kishimoto and developed into a media franchise, which consists of a series of manga, anime, soundtracks, OVAs, movies, video games, and other collectibles.

Um, why isn't Obito farther up? He can take on the entire Allied Shinobi forces by himself in his Juubi form. Not only that, but he has an amazing backstory. If it weren't for Obito, a) Naruto's parents would still be alive b) the Uchiha clan wouldn't have been wiped out, because they never would have wanted to revolt because Kurama never would have been summoned c) Sasuke probably wouldn't have left the village, because Orochimaru wouldn't have been so fixated on him, because the other Uchihas would have been alive d) Madara would never had been brought back from the dead e) the Akatsuki never would have turned evil, and Yahiko would still be alive.
Basically, if it weren't for Obito, almost none of the events in Part 1 would have happened, and none of Part 2 would have happened. Obito is an extremely strong character, and is outshined by only Naruto.

Why the duck is obito n.o 13? I mean he's beter than Kakashi and possibly Gaara and Sasuke. He can suck things in his eye goddamit!

How is obit lower then sasori and tsunade and gaara, this guy is amazing

I would put him in 5th place he could take on Naruto in his god like form

16 Konohamaru Sarutobi Konohamaru is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Doesn't deserve to be in the top ten but has potential. The anime doesn't really elaborate on Konohamaru.

Not in the top 10 but with an amazing potential... managed to learn the Rasengan half the age of Naruto

Stronger that Naruto, and also surpasses him

...maybne not in Naruto, but one day Konohamaru might be a little badass: Part of Sarutobiclan, teached by naruto and grandson of the third. Who knows? We will see...

17 Orochimaru Orochimaru is a fictional character from the Naruto universe created by Masashi Kishimoto and developed into a media franchise, which consists of a series of manga, anime, soundtracks, OVAs, movies, video games, and other collectibles.

Orochimaru knows more justu than most of the kage do. He also took on Naruto in tail beast mode single handedly and barely broke a sweat.

He is one of the legendary sanin. He is a kage level ninja, almost unstoppable.

He is a legenday sanin. Sasuke's father and you can not watch Naruto without seeing this guy

He should be in top ten

18 Might Guy Might Guy is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Should really b in the top 10 considering he was able to take on madara uchiha in his 10 tailed sage form.. He kicked his left side of his body off.. No one else would have survived that

Much stronger than many people think, probably the best taijutsu user that ever existed, I mean, he can open all eight gates. Have you seen him take on Madara by himself?

You Are...
Who are you?
Don't tell me you are...
Have we met before?
The water style and that large sword! You are!...I feel like I have seen you before...

If Kakashi becomes hokage,then I will become something much better,I WILL GO WAY BEYOND HOKAGE!
Lee:Good luck guy the way wht is beyond hokage?

...I wonder what is...

In his hidden lotus state he killed itachi partner I don't know his name though.

19 Sakura Sakura Haruno is the main heroine of the series "Naruto Shonen Jump!" and Naruto Shippuden. She is the only female ninja of Team Seven. Her family consists of her mother, Mebuki Haruno and her father Kizashi Haruno. Her clan is likely not very well known around Konoha and up until "Boruto: Naruto Next more.

Although she was a burden in Naruto, she grown out of it and she became a powerful shinobi. Sakura achieved the 100 healings mark byakugo that only three people earned (which includes herself.) She also defeated an Akatsuki member and surpassed Tsunade. She's not a crybaby anymore, she more like Tsunade. I guess you can say she turned into Tsunade because of her monstrous strength, medical ninjutsu, and personality.

Always watches people fight to protect her. Naruto always protects her and loves her, still she goes for a partially evil guy who hates her.

She has the super strength

20 Asuma

His knuckle dusters could easily take down Itachi and kisame together, he died because he was to ooverpowered and it wouldn't be fair on everyone else. He is also the only match against Choji; who is renowned as the new sage of the six paths.

He have very rare wind Chakra

Man was a god.

21 Nagato Nagato (Also known by his alias "Pain") is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Why isn't nagato anywhere high? I mean he's far beyond Jiraiya, Tsunade and pretty much the whole leaf village.

This guys awesome

22 Shikamaru Nara Shikamaru Nara is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

He's the most intellegent character in all of the Naruto series.

How troublesome

23 Neji Hyuga

He died for the ones he loved, he didn't have too. He could have had a successful career ahead of him. He died proud and happy with his choice. He died as a true shinobi and hero

24 Tobirama Senju Tobirama Senju is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Best of suiton users, invented a lot of techniques, which are commonly used by naruto (kage bushin), orochimaru (edo tensei) or teleportation jutsu used by Minato, he could summon vast amount of water out of nowhere, and he is renowned as a fastest ninja in his time plus he was highly intelligent, I think he should be in top ten

25 Rock Lee Rock Lee is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

When he is drunk and uses hidden lotus, he is unstoppable.

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