Most Powerful Non-Canon Superbeings in Dragon Ball Z & Dragon Ball Super


The Top Ten

1 Zeno-Sama

Zeno destroyed a galaxy or something like that and brought it back quickly using only 0.1% of his power. - Geogeta

The Omni GOD is Cannon. - P-51IsDaBest

He is omnipotent since he is stronger than super shenron who is omni potent and was able to kill an immortal zamasu which goku and vegetal cannot kill

Zeno is not omnipotent and it was never statetedhow much of his power he used to destroy those universes.0.1% is a false number

2 Beerus Beerus Beerus is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball franchise created by Akira Toriyama. Beerus made his first appearance in the 2013 feature film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.

Destroyed half of a planet by tapping on a table, including overcoming Golden Frieza without the slightest effort. - Geogeta

3 Champa Champa

Same as Beerus, but fatter. - Geogeta

4 Whis

Easily dodges both Goku and Vegeta coming at him. - Geogeta

5 Fusion Zamasu

Has a halo around him, the power is limitless. Ultimate strength and immortality altogether. - Geogeta

6 Super Vegito

Toys around with Super Buu, when he could've easily destroyed him. - Geogeta

7 Super Gogeta

Same. Toys around with Janemba. - Geogeta

ALL of them Are Cannon with the expection of some - P-51IsDaBest

8 Super Buu Super Buu

Powerful enough to separate Vegito. - Geogeta

9 Goku Black

Super Saiyan Rose form exceeds Super Saiyan Blue by far. Succeeds in forming an Energy Blade, which can cut even through a Super Saiyan Blue. - Geogeta

10 Broly God

Well, NON-Canon wise, I'd say a good contender is God Broly, from the new Real 4-D Movie, (its actually just 3D with us, the viewers as if we are the audience of the tournament). This beast easily took both super sayan blue goku and vegetta at the same time, and required PIS (Plot Induced Stupidity) to be defeated.

The Contenders

11 Cooler Cooler

He is actually non-cannon and also he also would have amazing potential if he trained I believed he would be more powerful than freeza ever was this guy should be near the top for non-cannon

12 Future Trunks Future Trunks

His new Super Saiyan power was enough to block the incoming bomb from Black and Zamasu. He gave them both quite a beating before the two regain their senses and return blows. - Geogeta

13 Vegeta Vegeta Vegeta is an anime fictional character from the anime series, Dragon Ball Z, created by Akira Toriyama.

As we see in Episode 65 of DBS, Vegeta was able to do a lot more training and extend his power much further. Ranked above Goku, for Vegeta has more potential. Remember, in order for Goku back then to overcome Vegeta's Galick Gun, Goku shot off a Kaiokenx4-Kamehameha. - Geogeta

14 The Grand Priest

Who's father. His power is practically unknown but has been stated by whis to be one of the most powerful fighters in the multiverse

15 Rigor
16 Pikkon Pikkon

There only 3 characters on this list that is actually non-cannon come on seriously

17 Bojack Bojack
18 Janemba Janemba Janemba is an anime fictional character from the anime series, Dragon Ball Z, created by Akira Toriyama.
19 Turles Turles
20 Android 15 Android 15
21 Android 13 Android 13 Android 13 is an anime fictional character from the anime series, Dragon Ball Z, created by Akira Toriyama.
22 Android 14 Android 14
23 Future Gohan Future Gohan
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