Top Ten Most Powerful Overall WWR (World War Robot)

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21 Gareth

Fast and with its shield can take down heavy bots. Must get bot.

This should be way higher, with the built in shield that can absorb thousands and thousands damage points. I just got it and have not been disappointed. Killed 2 natashas in won life.

Great speed but not good at long try orkans on the little guy and sure you will kill him gareth was my first robot with a shield

Super good robot. With flanx its op with magnum/taran

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22 Lanasot

With an anvil it becomes a walking fortress and along with the rush it can engage in close combat or escape if things go out of hand

Best robot damage makes up for its speed I have been killed by one of these many times

Has rush mode

It has the ability to tank damage and breakthrough enemy ranks making it a great robot for center beacon is basically a rhino with high manoeuvbility allowing it to be a stronger and better rhino

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23 SMS Hydra
24 Doc

I is too op beyter than galahad what do you think

I won Doc in Dec with those snow flakes. Have used him since. Tried a few combos. Orkas and Tulumbas, Tarans and tulumbas and Hydrs and tulumbas. But the best for him I think is 4 Tulumbas. His top speed is 51. Witch if you play it right you can outrun Orkas and Tulumbas. His health Max's out around a hundred and 146. Mine is 128. So with the tulumbas that keeps him 500 meters back and safe because he doesn't have a lot of health. The Tulumbas take 18 sec roughly, after firing switching firing. Till you can shoot again. But that goes by fast as your setting up for your next shot.
Not a bad robot. Pretty quick, has 4 medium weapons.
Not a brawler, he is a support robot
My thoughts and experience with Doc. At time level 30, in dimond league ll. Rank 2422

25 99999

It sucks

26 Jesse

With four aphids this is a great close range support bot. Use it's speed to stay behind cover and avoid damage or follow behind a heavy.

27 EP Magnum
28 1oooooooo
29 EE-Aphid

Extremely effective with the right pilot!

Flys fast and is storing enough to kill you in one shot

30 Haole

This one likes to move in your area and buy up everything making prices higher, does not fit in because of style.

31 Super Mechs

It's the beeest robot game ever

Best robot

32 Schutze

Very good robot at small levels when equipped with ECC Thunder

Awsomely fast sniper

33 Destrier

It's speed is good for beacon capture.

It is out preformed by stalkers

34 Pliot Nex 990987

You are awesome I love you

35 9T7MUY
36 Lol
37 Hafizal
38 BrianTrannn

Worst gun ever

39 Nastron

Two hevy and light slots great far combat equipped with Zeus and geko will do you allot of damage

40 Desder

Equip him with allpids and he's yours

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